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Left 4 Dead 2 - All Items
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    Let's Build:Deconstruction


    New and final update out now! READ THE CHANGELOG Players must build barricades to protect themselves,loot corpses and research weapons while looking for carparts to complete the car,fuel it and escape the madness.

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    Let's Build: Catacombs


    The catacombs are a deep and ancient ruins that have taken the lives of many adventurers whom have stepped at its front door. Our survivors find themselves taking the challenge of the catacombs in hopes of escaping to a much safer place ...

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    Money-Survival Building Game


    Updated 3/8/2013. A Let's Build map. Kill infected, get money. Build an escape car and play slots for items. With your hard-earned savings... *Order the crane to build a car in order to escape. Build-A-Car to improve your odds at the sl...

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    Let's Build the Finale REDUX


    Let's Build The Finale REDUX is a remade version of old and buggy version of this map. You can customize your finale with Finale Builder, which is now accessible from the start(activated with white keyboard), that allows you to change: ...

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    Let's Build A Spaceship (Revealian)


    This is my first Let's Build map and contest entry, it was difficult but i learned alot from it. 4 survivors reach an outer-organisation moonbase which just got evacuated. Once the zombie apocalypse started , the outer-organisation deci...

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    Facility 13


    UPDATE 5/12/13: Survival mode added (BETA)! Difficulty lobby added! A research/barricade based game inspired by rimrook's 'Let's Build a Rocket!' with an added twist. Players must build barricades to protect themselves, while using gas ...

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    The Convoy

    Beta 7.2

    Buy vehicles ranging from the unstoppable Killdozer to the high tech CEDA Research Trailer and modify them to purchase weapons, deployable traps, sentry turrets, fences and even battlefield leveling support powers! Hire mercenaries to s...

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    Let's Build a Rocket


    A highly experimental gameplay project and I already know it could be better. Players must build, construct, and research items, weapons, and fortifications to survive and escape. SEE CHANGELOG FOR IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD AND UPDATE INFO!

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    Rocket Escape

    Beta 7.5

    Build a rocket to escape from the hordes of zombies. inspired by Rimrook's 'Let's build a rocket' map.

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    Let's Build:2012


    Version: 4 From the fantastic system Rimrook has made and given to all of those whom wish to make their own, I Richy have done just that! Yes thanks to Rimrooks Let's Build a Rocket System i decided to screw around and make my own little...

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    Let's Build:Deconstruction 2


    Let's Build: Deconstruction 2, has arrived! Thanks to Rimrook's updated 'Let's Build' system you can now experience a complete single map campaign, featuring... - New 'Let's Build' mechanics. - Lootable corpses. - Upgraded gascans mechan...

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    Escape from Nowhere (Reloaded)


    Fortunately you found some lost equipment near a mysterious base. Now you try to use everything you can find to build your way out of that lost place! Reloaded: -Nicer Map -Hint System -Better placed Barricades -Much better Zombie / Spe...

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    Let's Build Our Hideaway


    After losing Bill and helping four strangers on their way to New Orleans, Francis, Louis, and Zoey have finally made it to the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, they weren't the first ones here.

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