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  • 3 Maps

    Blight Path


    Lou Saffire presents... After leaving America in Dead Air, Bill and the gang find themselves locked in on a 'Blight Path' over Beijing originally for the china contest,first play turn game instructor on, please check change-log befor...

  • Map

    No Parking


    Lou Saffire presents... Bill and the crew made it to the passing , but they never mentioned they met Whitaker along the way... A Left for dead 2 community subplot. Version 2.0 (10/25/2013) Hints recommended for first playthroug...

  • Map

    Return of the Living Dead SBS

    Beta 9.6

    Lou Saffire presents... L4D2 incarnation of the John Russo and Dan O'Bannon film, Return of the Living Dead using the new 'Safehouse' finale based on Survival Barricade System. Like any other gametype plz do not expect bots to be anythi...

  • 5 Maps

    Night of the Living Dead SBS

    Beta 9.5

    A L4D2 incarnation of George A romero and John A Russo film. This map was created primarily to test the current version of the Survival Barricade System.Thank you all for the feedback, happy hammering! roleplayer? Check out '2D Storyt...

  • 4 Maps

    Dead Series


    4 Survivors escaped and stole a hummer in the military base in wich they were experimented on... As they began to distinguish the city on the horizon, they stumbled across a pile-up blocking the road... Determined to reach a probable eva...

  • Mod

    S-mart Louis


    Louis is back from medieval, after dealing with the evil! 'Hello, my name is Louis, welcome to S-mart department store, shop smart, shop S-mart! Pharmacy aisle four!' S-mart Louis from the cult classic Army of Darkness aka Evil Dead 3, L...

  • Mod

    Rom and Ram JP Voice Pack (Louis and Francis)


    !!!V2.5 HAS BEEN BEEN RELEASED! PLEASE VIEW THE CHANGELOG FOR DETAILS AND REDOWNLOAD!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay! A Rom and Ram Japanese voice-pack has arrived! Featuring voice clips from MK2, Victory, Re;Birth 1, Re;Birth 2, Re;Birth 3 and Action ...

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    Lee Everett (Louis)


    It has been a long time coming but I finally had the time to fix him. Here you go Lee Everett from the Walking Dead Game. * A huge thanks to zeqmacaw who fixed all the bugs for me.

  • Mod

    Hunk (RE:ORC) Replaces Louis


    Replaces Louis survivor with Hunk from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Uses Ellis animations. Credits: - ZeqMacaw: online anims, boomer-bile effect, re-compile, rename, re-pack - manix33: original port to L4D2, rigging - Capcom,...

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    Funny Louis Voice Mod


    Makes Louis stereotypical. Voices by Tenshihan_Quinn, uploaded (with permission) by me. Originally was going to include custom subtitles, but I couldn't figure out how to get them to work, so I included both subtitles_english files for a...

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    Fallout's Stimpack


    Another quickie mod that I had on my to-do list for quite sometime now. Finally got around to making it. ^^ You're welcome Carrie :)

  • Mod

    Kokoro from Dead or Alive 5 (Louis)


    Kokoro from Dead or Alive 5 replace louis. - Facial expressions - Eye rolls - FPS arms - Working online animation - Damage RNG, she loses flowers the more you progress on the map and get attacked by zombies. .........................

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