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    HK416 (M16 anims)


    The Heckler & Koch HK416 assault rifle, replacing the M16 on arby's M16 reanimation. Particles, sounds and HUD icons included. This version: unsuppressed with Aimpoint sight. Different attachments in the changelog. arby26 - animations D...

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    M16A4 Para [M16 not M60]

    this model was originally made for the M60. I just assigned it to the M16. credit was too long for description. check the Changelog for the whole list ;)

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    HK416 MIKU M16

    槐音Grsomiprs ________ Isabel_kendip This MOD modifies the M16,It has a new sound.Has the fluorescent effect in the dark,Like MIKU can try,Welcome to my WORKSHOP and thumb up,And subscribe to other items,Thank you for your subscription a...

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    M16 sniper edition

    M16 replaces the Military Sniper/MSG90A1 on ImBrokeRU's ported animations. IMPORTANT If you want to use the particles, download the particles mod below in the linked addons. Twinke Masta - models, textures Stoke - suppressor/vertgrip m...

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    M41A pulse rifle-m16


    A skin i made to pay k1chwa back. here you go man ;) Original model-Doku Rigging-deathshadow compile-deathshadow sounds-Alien vs predator creators/k1chwa for putting them in l4d2 Improved textures-k1chwa animations-arby26 enjoy! *yes i...

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    M16A4 Para


    Para configuration of Twinke's model for the M60. Uses arby's m16 reanimation. For the M60, the standard magazine has been replaced with a Beta C-Mag, a bipod has been added and the AN/PEQ has been moved to the right rail. Features real...

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    Battlefield 3 M16A4 CQC V2


    The second version of my Battlefield 3-ish M16A4 CQC retexture. Includes a lighter tan finish, a better war-torn look, improved textures, more detail, improved normals, tweaked VMTs and better shaders. General Icarus-Retexture,VMT edi...

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    M16A4 CQC


    M16A4 CQC configuration of Twinke's model, for the M16. Uses arby's m16 reanimation. The M16 replacement features Picatinny rails, a DOCTER sight and a bottom rail-mounted AN/PEQ-2A for the flashlight/laser attachments.

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    Twinke Masta M16A4 C-Mag (M16)

    The Twinke Masta M16A4 C-Mag M60 recompiled to the M16 without the EO Tech Sight or Tripod. arby26 - Animations, Reference Compile K1CHWA - Texture Edit Doktor haus - Original Hacking, Compile Twinke Masta - Base Model, Textures, Normal...

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    [BO2] Peacekeeper MK1 with Foregrip - M16 Rifle

    Remplaces m16 "Fully automatic personal defense weapon. Rifle-class accuracy and range with SMG speed and handling." The Peacekeeper is a submachine gun featured in the Revolution downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops I...

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    Remington R-5 (M16)


    Hello guys! Here is a new M16A2 rifle. It's the Remington R-5 from Call of Duty : Ghost. Hope Anybody Like It ! :D *Credits Model/Textures : Call of Duty - Ghost Animations : Krycek Porting/Rigging/Compiling/Sounds : Jiminy Cricket

    Jiminy Cricket
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    Colt M4A1 Carbine Suppressed (M16)

    For all those that can't live with a unused grip. Here's the Colt M4A1 Carbine without the grip. Development group... arby26, Sarqune, Twinkie Masta, Soul_Slayer, Wang Chung, Thanez, el maestro de graffiti, Henron, Vunsunta, xLongWayHom...

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    M16A1 Assault Rifle

    Bill's signature rifle. The assault rifle that saw action in the Vietnam war, now yours to pop some heads. Replaces the M16 on Inter's Back To Left 4 Dead 2 animations. Features custom sounds and shader modifications. Credits: ZACK-249...

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    MrLanky's Tactical M4A1 (M16)

    MrLanky's Tactical M4A1. An excellent weapon. See link below. Cheers. Note: For adult use only. This Beast is not for children. Lol. Update: Original Smoothing Restored Also... it replaces the M16.

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    Special Purpose Rifle (M16)

    Special Purpose Rifle in the role of the M16. The original development team... TheLama, Stoke, Flamshmizer, SureShot, Soul_Slayer, Thanez, James-, Racer445, Bullethead, Millenia, DaEllum67, JIHAD, Vunsunta, Hk, Bathroom Security, Shiban...

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