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    Silent Hill: Otherside of Life


    This was designed as an Single Player experience in mind. Players who are strong-willed with large amount of patience, stubborn and are also willing to sacrifice in order for the team to advance, then give this a shot. This campaign is ...

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    I Hate Mountains 2


    Survivors crashed their bus in an utility pole of a dark forest while fleeing. They must now find their way through the spooky North American mountains. The campaign includes a dense forest, a huge mansion, an underground complex, a coas...

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    Last Summer


    <<NEW VERSION 5 RELEASED>> This is my first campaign. 3 custom maps based on real places from Spain (coop only). First map is about my neighbourhood of Valencia. Second is the place where I used to play with my band. Third is the place w...

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    Mass Maze

    Beta 8.2

    Ok New update is still not working so I'm going to split them into 2 maps instead. this my be a bit so pleas bare with me thank you. (posted Jan. 6, 2017) (v1.9) This is mainly a CO-OP map. Still Need: Ending for second level. (just ex...

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    The Ancient Maze


    The ancient maze consists of 9 levels with keys in 8 of them. Find them all to unlock the gate to the 9th level (with boss enemy). NOTE: It's only possible to finish the map with 2-4 human players because the bots go suicide! You have to...

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    Half-Life 2: Water Hazard

    Beta 7

    REQUIRES additional addon to display textures: Half-Life 2 Texture Pack (linked below) Chapter 4 & 5. This campaign is very long and rather difficult! Be Warned! Also includes the 'Black Mesa East' chapter but compared to the rest of t...

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    Mob Stadium 2012 L4D2


    The first chapter, Mob Stadium 2012 holds the secret to escaping the end of all time. Traps, challenges, and a Grand Finale await your demise in this latest version of Mob Stadium, a single but challenging CO-OP map. L4D2 add-on supp...

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    Alien Trilogy: Section 1


    Alien Trilogy is a 3D first-person shooter based on the first three movies in the Alien film series. It was released for the MS-DOS, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn platforms. Recommended difficulty Advanced / Expert. EXTERNAL MIRROR conta...

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    Shifting Maze Survival


    I got the idea from a garrysmod map, gm_shifting_maze, I decided to completely remake it into a very complicated, and scary Left 4 dead 2 survival map, there is a high chance you won't survive, map is completely playable, although the AI...

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    Traps Map v4.0 (UPDATED! 2/7/19)


    In this campaign, i've created a simple but effective campaign, filled of traps, puzzles, a maze, an endless custom-scripted Onslaught, and a challenging finale. Updated to 4.0 version, adding a new finale, and lots of bugfixing.

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    Prototype Mk 3


    Take part in the Synergenic Technologies Inc. Hazardous Environment Teambuilding Study. Fight your way through teeming hordes of the undead to escape the testing area. It's almost identical to Prototype Mark 2, but edited to play better ...

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    Half-Life 2: Route Kanal


    REQUIRES additional addon to display textures: Half-Life 2 Texture Pack (linked below) Chapter 3. Follow the footsteps of Gordon Freeman as our survivors make their way thru the HL2 content. -Exploration is rewarded! THIS CAMPAIGN WILL ...

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    Halls of Death

    Alpha 9.3

    A new death run with innovative traps and a nasty horde to boot. Run through a trap filled facility with anything from crushers and rock drops to lava pits and death falls. You can race your friends or play through with them. Impede thei...

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    Left4Dust YES hammer broke on me so im done This campaign has lots of secrets and tricks..not an easy walk though campaign at all but if you take your time you'll be just fine so... relax, have fun, and enjoy. Its got HINT and STORY LI...

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    Vague Reminders


    The survivors must rip through 4 errie environments, including a junkyard, underground railways, a 4 story office building,and a hedge maze full of witches!

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