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    Neptunia Godesses


    The 4 goddesses in HDD form fiighting zombies, coming to a l4dmaps near you soon. This is in Beta, it will be buggy. The bug log will be in the..changelog.

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    (8 Pack) Neptunia survivors


    06/11/2012- Added incap images and changes the character potraits. goal has been complete..I hope you all enjoy this... Ellis-Neptune Rochelle- Noire Nick- Blanc Coach- Vert Zoey-Nepgear Bill-Uni Francis- Ram Louis- Rom No...

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    Dogoo CI (Hyperdimension Neptunia)


    Version 3.2, Add Dogoo Burning skin when on fire Bug: Set Dogoo on fire with Touhou Lævateinn Fire Axe Mod will Lag and sometime will make game crash. Version 3.1, Fix Dogoo Heal model that have some kind of weird. Version 3.0, Add ne...

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    Hyperdimension Neptunia All in One

    This VPK contains all the work i did in the previous neptunia vpks, will replace a lot of things in the game sound based + changing the midnight riders textures. Linked my Desktop addons as they are not included in this all in one vpk. ...

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    Vert (Neptunia)

    Finally Vert the goddess of Leanbox joins the fight. No facial or incap images, Replaces Coach 4 pack coming soon.

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    Linear Railgun (Neptunia)

    Version 1.1 - Add Normal Texture - Add Light Texture Happy New Year for everyone, as now I create another weapon for CSS now is Linear Railgun from Hyperdimension Neptunia replaced SG-552. As before new year, Blanec have stuck about Ca...

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    Heavy Revolver (Neptunia)

    Version 1.3 - Fix Env prop texture. Version 1.2 - Add Normal Texture Version 1.1 - Add Gun Sound - HD Texture I'm now all way is slower because next day is the day of my travel, so this my final mod of this year is Heavy Revolver from...

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    Nowatang Rifle (Neptunia)

    Version 1.3 - Add Normal Texture Version 1.2 - Add New HD Texture by using Blanec's Hyperdimension Neptunia HD Texture tool editor Note: This weapon is not include in Re;Brith 3. Version 1.1 - Add Gun Sound - Fix with K-On Survivors m...

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    Noire: LASOU Uniform (Neptunia V: Re;Birth 3)

    I'm back for now as I make some nothing in Star Wars Empire at War that wasted of time, as now, I release Neptunia school series now is Noire with HD Texture from Re;Birth 3. - Replaced Rochelle - Add HUD Icon - Add HD Texture - Add Boo...

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