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    My Little Pony Survivors


    :3 The power of Lovey Dovey Magical Friendship has come to warm the hearts of of the L4D World with the help from some of the girls from the MLP Universe! Even tho I may not be a part of the Brony herd you all are fine in my presence.

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    My Little Pony Survivor Voices

    Beta 9

    Swaps the survivor voices with pony voices. Matches Splinks' Pony survivors. Does not replace EVERY survivor sound file. I should also mention this is my first mod, and I'm still trying to figure things out. DO NOT INSTALL VPK FILE IN ...

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    My Little Pony: FiM Menu Mod

    This mod changes the menu icons for game mode selecting with hand-drawn (By yours truly) ponies. I am done with the mane menu changes. I am open to updating other gui such as character selection portraits, main menu background changes, ...

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    (Request) Pony survivors icons (include lobby i...

    Requested by MattX16 Pony icons for healthbar and lobby. Nick : Trixie Ellis : Derpy Hooves Rochelle : Octavia Coach : Ace (according to mlp wiki) Bill : Mayor Louis : Berry Punch Francis : Derpy Hooves Zoey : Cherilee (vectors by Sma...

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    My Little Pony - MLP Fan Music Mod

    A audio mod for the jukebox and Dark Carnival Concert with Brony-made songs. Also mods the Tank appears tracks, and the lines Ellis and Coach sing on the Concert Stage. If any of the artists wants their song removed, just message me, as...

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    My Little Pony: Spike (Jockey)

    This was a commission done for Banana. (Current name as of initial posting) Doooon't even say a word about it being an MLP add-on. I'm just a guy doing what the people with money tell me to do. Anyway, that aside, here's my first submis...

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    My Little Pony TVs

    Replaces the TVs with TVs with images from My Little Pony. The Applejack TV is animated and looks the way it does because it's the TV that emits a static sound when you get close.

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    Pony Gui


    this includes , all my survivor skins, the pony names, the mane menu, in game pics / loading posters, and much more credit for health bars to fabianracer1

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    Pinkie Pie M4


    Pinkie Pie version of SoulSlayer / Kimono's M4A1 for L4D2 -----------------------------------------------------

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