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Left 4 Dead 2 - All Items
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    Let's Build a Rocket


    A highly experimental gameplay project and I already know it could be better. Players must build, construct, and research items, weapons, and fortifications to survive and escape. SEE CHANGELOG FOR IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD AND UPDATE INFO!

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    Beta 7.9

    Plot: The survivors have escaped from the zombies by using a boat, but an incident forced them to dock. The army seems to be here, but they quickly notice that they cannot count on them... What happened to that boat? What to do? Where to...

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    Moon Research Lab. (first L4D2 map)


    Hello, this is my first map made/upload in the L4D series. I had to create a custom navigation file and i've never done it before so im very sorry if the bots are very bad :( credits of materials are in a .txt file in materials folder. ...

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    Stargate SG-4 v2


    Stargate Command Center resurrected Bill in Goauld sarcophag, so our survivors can find the source of infection and destroy it once and for all. Problem is that its not on Earth. Soundcache file is included but if you still dont hear...

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    Escape from Nowhere (Reloaded)


    Fortunately you found some lost equipment near a mysterious base. Now you try to use everything you can find to build your way out of that lost place! Reloaded: -Nicer Map -Hint System -Better placed Barricades -Much better Zombie / Spe...

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    Left 4 SGC Beta v2.2 (Part 1 of 2)

    Beta 7.4

    Part 2 NEEDED TOO. Make sure "PART 1 of 2" and "PART 2 of 2" are together inside ADDONS folder to be abble play this ok. -------------------- English description: -------------------- If you like this campaign, support me on Patreon (Jo...

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    Prototype Mk 3


    Take part in the Synergenic Technologies Inc. Hazardous Environment Teambuilding Study. Fight your way through teeming hordes of the undead to escape the testing area. It's almost identical to Prototype Mark 2, but edited to play better ...

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    Let's Build:Deconstruction


    New and final update out now! READ THE CHANGELOG Players must build barricades to protect themselves,loot corpses and research weapons while looking for carparts to complete the car,fuel it and escape the madness.

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    Witch Execution - Training map


    First and only witch crowning training map, that will not just put you in a room with a witch and a shotgun (meh), but show where and when exactly you have to shoot that scum for 100% crowning in every possible situation. Crystal blue ...

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    Smoker's Tongue Reflection - Training Map


    Even though humankind is dead, human curiosity is still livin'. This small and cozy underground lab allows you to develop all necessary skills and reactions, needed for successful Smoker's tongue reflection. Swooping Bears. ==== To r...

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    The Convoy

    Beta 7.2

    Buy vehicles ranging from the unstoppable Killdozer to the high tech CEDA Research Trailer and modify them to purchase weapons, deployable traps, sentry turrets, fences and even battlefield leveling support powers! Hire mercenaries to s...

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    Let's Build 2 Core


    The core to the sequel Let's Build a Rocket. This powerful setup allows players to freeform build their forts and defend their base against zombies! Included are source files and a playable example map. Help make Let's Build maps better ...

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    Facility 13


    UPDATE 5/12/13: Survival mode added (BETA)! Difficulty lobby added! A research/barricade based game inspired by rimrook's 'Let's Build a Rocket!' with an added twist. Players must build barricades to protect themselves, while using gas ...

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