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    Tactical Arctic Stripe SCAR-L


    A re-texture for End of Days' SCAR-L on ImBrokeRU's anims. Features a custom Arctic Stripe Camo Finish, Worn-out and Weathered Textures and Custom Normals and Shaders. General Icarus-Retexture, VMT edits ImBrokeRU-Anims Youpala arby26...

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    MW3 SCAR-L

    This is a skin for the SCAR that makes it look like MW3's SCAR-L. As well as it has a black glowsights. I did not create this mod!!! It was created by OperatorShepard on the Steam Workshop. I take no credit for this mod. © Creative ...

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    SCAR-L v2


    End of Days' SCAR-L, now on arby26's desert rifle reanimation. Acog scope and AN/PEQ-2 for laser and flashlight attachments. The scope lens uses realtime reflections on any map with an env_cubemap. Updated the wees and no smoothing error...

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    Crysis 3 SCAR-AB

    Replaces SCAR Enjoy! Credits: Crytek - Models/Texture/Sound Cele - Animations, original compile zexalyuma - compiling

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    SCAR-L ImBrokeRU's anims


    This time, I release End of Days' model on ImBrokeRU/Youpala's animations. They have been re-rigged by the talented arby26, who also added melee, posing and other anims. The base version features a two-tone black and tan finish, raised ...

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    Multicam Tactical SCAR


    A retex for EOD's SCAR. General Icarus-retex,shaders EndOfDays-SCAR mdl arby26-anims Racer445-default textures MrBrightside-tan edit TheLama-ACOG model AcidSnake-ACOG texture Hellspike-ANPEQ2 model EMDG-ANPEQ2 textures antman311-default ...

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    scar azul brillante kendip

    Yo hablo español el que no en tienda una mierda se jodio y para el que nome conose soy una chica mujer -_- para aquellos que nome conose okis

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    Black SCAR-L Mod

    A retexture of Doktor haus' SCAR-L+silencer+EOTech+AN/PEQ compilation. On this mod 1) The world model has the front grip removed 2) The view model EOTech lens is now by MrFunreal. A request. End of Days - model Racer445 - textures b0t -...

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    StG44 Sturmgewehr (SCAR)

    This is a StG44 Sturmgewehr, a German assault rifle developed during World War II, in the role of the SCAR. It lacks Textures (It has non-UV materials to let me fool around with it.). I haven't the skills to do the work and have placed i...

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    Tactical Scar for AK

    Originally an edit to End of Days' SCAR by RebelMoon, I have edited it to take the AK slot and made the black parts tan. I did this to compliment End of Days/Haus' SCAR so the two could be used together. Also includes firing sounds. All ...

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    Mark 2 Ray Gun (SCAR)

    The Mark 2 Ray Gun from Black Ops in the role of the SCAR. A request. Model and Textures: n123q45 Animations: Valve

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    FN SCAR-H Desert version

    This is the desert version of the SCAR-H by ImBrokeRU. ALL CREDIT IS TO ORIGINAL AUTHORS, if I forgot to give credit to any author let me know and I'll put in the credits. ImBrokeRU: Models/UVs, VMTs Arby26: Animations/Compiling/Flashli...

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    FN SCAR-H replaces the SIG SG 552. Features ImBrokeRU's model, arby26's animations, sounds and a HUD icon. This one has cR45h's black textures. Get the rest by following the link in the YouTube video description. To get it, start a list...

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