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    Silent Hill: Otherside of Life


    This was designed as an Single Player experience in mind. Players who are strong-willed with large amount of patience, stubborn and are also willing to sacrifice in order for the team to advance, then give this a shot. This campaign is ...

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    Silent Hill L4D2


    This is the l4d2 version of the l4d1 Silent Hill, 12 maps long campaign created originally by Leafo. You can now run it in L4D2 perfectly without crash. Tested by me. NOTE: DON'T JUST DOUBLE CLICK TO INSTALL THIS MAP, you need to manual...

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    Left Turn: Silent Hill 3 Tribute


    The survivors take the road north from Liberty Mall, only to run low on supplies several days into the journey. Scavenging one more abandoned mall should be easy enough, but something deep within plans to give them more than they bargain...

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    Silent Hill


    Silent Hill styled campaign for l4d. Originally elaborated by Leafo. Later l4d community made some fixes for this maps. In this version contains survivors from l4d1, sound, a few textures, 6 (dark hospital) map and redesigned 7 map. Stil...

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    Silent Hill (Enhanced)


    First of all: don't panic, I didn't add new keys. And you must remove any other version becasue they have same map names as in this fixed version. Unlike other versions, this one actually has been fixed. No more high ping issues, net_gr...

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    Silent Hill 2 fix


    Addoninfo { addonauthor Leafo addonauthorSteamID "..." addonContent_Campaign 1 addonContent_Music 1 addonContent_Script 1 addonContent_Sound 1 addonDescription "The survivors must escape this nightmare known as Silent Hill. Sound include...

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    Silent Hill Pump Shotgun


    A dirty, Otherside-Orange (Name for that shade of orange) skinned shotgun. I thought it would fit with the Silent Hill and (or) other mysterious campaigns. Custom sound by Mateoski. Enjoy.

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    Heather Mason Icons


    To be used in conjunction with the 'Heather Mason Replaces Zoey' mod on this site. This is for the Zoey modification, not the original Rochelle one. You can find the Rochelle variant in the changelog, though. Replaces the lobby pictur...

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    Silent Hills Radio Replacing Smoker tongue drag...


    (VIDEO AVAILABLE) 'There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.' NOTE- This is only when the smoker drags you to him. Another Silent Hill mod To please the Silent hill fans! BUT this time the Radio from Silent H...

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    Silent Hill Siren


    Plays the siren from Silent Hill when the L4D2 survivors are in a safe room right when a campaign loads. It fades in and lasts about 6 seconds and then fades out. That way the effect is there but it doesn't get in the way of voice chat.

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    Dark Wood (Extended)


    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 04.03.2020 Version 1.7 - Added Versus mode - Reduced maps file sizes - Some areas redesigned for the sake of better looks and/or more challenging ex...

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    Sillent Hill Nurse-Witch


    The sexy,but ugly Nurse from Sillent Hill, replaces the Witch my first model mod :D -jigglebones (boobs) also has custom footstep sounds for high heels :D Hope u like it :D FIXED INVISIBLE PROBLEM !!!!!!! ( Thanks Angela^^ <3)

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