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    +Ultra Particle Effect

    - Improved all bullet impacts effect - New explosion effect with removed screen flash/glow - New Spitter goo effects - Charger run smoke trail - Extreme gore, with realistic blood splatters/spills on the ground - Better flame/fire e...

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    Black Mesa: Undertow

    Steam link: steamcommunity~com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2669399953 Gamebanana link: gamebanana~com/mods/339409 This is a Half-Life Source map port, made as I started learning Hammer. Tried to create my original map, but took the e...

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    DOOM Eternal - Pump Shotgun

    A little scuffed, but it works OG BMS shotgun port by Lt Rocky OG DOOM Eternal model port by Stefano96 I dont know how to convert PBR materials to source so I did my best edit to make it look decent. Not as shiny as the OG, though.

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    Halo 4 Energy Sword - Machete

    This replace the machete. The original were 70+ MB, and the effect weren't particularly good, so I've redone the materials, still have hi-res texture while keeping the size small (3 MB). The normal map were upscaled from 512x to 1024x, ...


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