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    Left 4 Bots (Improved A.I.)

    This addon improves the survivor bots behavior to make them more human-like and a bit more useful during the game as well as improving their combat skills. - MAIN FEATURES • Survivor bots can pick-up and use defibrillators • Survivor bo...

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    The Sacrifice - True Expressive Ending

    The best hero that existed, do you choose the official story or do you want to change it - Is it a sufficient reaction to feel yourself on bill's skin? - Would you give your life for your team? - To understand certain parts you must rea...

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    Left 4 TLS

    Allows the "Left 4 Bots", "Left 4 Grief" and "Left 4 Fun" addons to run on a pre "The Last Stand update" version of the game. Tested on version, i don't know if it works on older versions. PLEASE NOTE: I'm not supporting piracy...

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    Left 4 Grief

    - ANTI-GRIEF FOR LEFT 4 DEAD 2 • Friendly fire control: easily turn friendly fire ON/OFF • Reverse friendly fire (ricochet): sends the friendly fire damage back to the attacker • Anti-rush: configurable anti rush system • Vote kick prote...

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    Left 4 Fun

    - ANTI-GRIEF SYSTEM Friendly fire control, reverse friendly fire (ricochet), anti-rush, vote kick protection, vote disabler and more. - ADMIN SYSTEM Kick, ban, spawn things, trolls management, fun commands and much more. - MOD SYSTEM A...


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