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    City of the Dead (L4D2 Version)

    A remake of this campaign is being actively worked on, if you would like to help with playtesting it send a message. See External Link for source VMF files. This is now FINAL and has no more planned updates unless required. The Sur...

  • 4 Maps
    City of the Dead (L4D Version)

    The Survivors leave their hiding spot in a set of apartments and head off to the local mall in hopes of an evacuation. When they arrive at the mall they find that the military have completely abandoned it and things had gotten out of han...

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    Dead Vacation Fixed Proper

    In this Dead Island inspired campaign, the survivors team up with the military on a mission to stop the flow of water in the sewer and dry the city out, with the hope of stopping the infection from spreading further. They fight their way...

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    Cold Stream: L4D1 Edition

    This aims to bring the Cold Stream experience to L4D1 in a way that fits in with the game better but keeps the feel of the campaign. This is NOT an exact port of Cold Stream, it has had some changes to make it more compatible with L4D...


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