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    Earlier 2008 Styled HUD


    Did this for a friend a while back in responce to her feedback... This is the old 2008 styled HUD layout. Instructions in the changelog. Enjoy!! Video below

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    Hunting Rifle Unused Animations


    Originally, this was intended for my own personal use, but.. What the hell. these are some hidden animations for the hunting rifle. You have to manually install and it's simple. For non-pak01 users: 1. extract vpk and drop contents in m...

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    Blue Beta Zoey

    EFF YEAH, TEXTURES THAT DON'T SUCK. Also, this uses the beta zoey arm texture, from the teenangst_body.vtf. They're just colored blue... Don't let the name of the file fool you, this is legit.

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    SMG From Earlier 2008 Media


    The SMG from earlier 2008 that has the flashlight on the bottom. I uploaded this mod with VALVe arm models. The beta texture is not included, that's ChrisWin7's (hope you got it before it was deleted!). Also, this is my first model. And ...

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    VALVe's Beta HUD


    This brings back VALVe's old beta HUD. Don't get this confused with Turtle Rock's beta HUD. This is in early alpha stages! This HUD isn't even close to done. But I thought I should let ya'll test it out for me! :)

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    Old HL2 Valve Head

    The old Valve Head used in HL2. you'll probably have to extract it in your media folder if it doesn't work in your addons folder. Enjoy!

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