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    Battlefield 3 MP7

    Hello everyone, continuing with the pack, i bring you the MP7. It will replace the Silenced SMG as it comes with custom sounds as well, but the custom sound is just the shooting one because the Silenced SMG Clips and bolts are from the o...

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    No Shipping

    Fight Thro Hordes of infected All while trying to file up the generater that may get you out of this place. This features Survival and scavenge game mode. Im looking for Feedback. If you have Questions or want to talk Email me or PM me...

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    The Lighthouse

    You Sir! you like hardworked on levels for free? what you don't? are you crazy? well your here anyways so you must be! come download this level for no reason at all with no intent to play it! YAA!!! ok bad jokes are done D: Ive been wo...

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    l4d1_CSGO MP9

    Well hello everyone again, today i have done the MP9, this one comes with the new sounds and it uses again IIopn animations from his Hyper Mp7 , so this one will replace the normal SMG (The one without the silencer aka the UZI) so i hope...

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    ok well anyways this is my Map ive been working on for the past couple of months. When i first started out i was figure this would be simple, quick and easy. Well days turned into months then months turned into pixel then i got lost. Lon...

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