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    Mimic Tank

    This is a skin that replaces the Tank with the Mimic Tank from the Japanese Arcade. Its ability is similar to the TF2 Spy's. Pretending to be a survivor, and then revealing its true self when attacking. The only way to know when he is c...

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    Stealth Smoker

    This mod replaces the Smoker with the Stealth Smoker from the Japanese Arcade. The Stealth Smoker's ability was capturing the survivors with an invisible tongue. This is just a skin. Effects don't apply.

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    Toxic Smoker

    This mod replaces the Smoker with the Toxic Smoker from the Left 4 Dead: -Survivors- Arcade. The Toxic Smoker's ability was damaging the survivors with its toxic smoke, hence the name. This is just a skin. Effects don't apply.

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    Cannon Hunter

    This skin replaces the Hunter with the Cannon Hunter from the Left 4 Dead -Survivors- Arcade. Its ability was jumping higher than a regular hunter (Unverified). This is a skin. Effects don't apply.

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    G.U.N.S. mod for Left 4 Dead 2!

    This cool mod changes all guns and part of melee weapons (with new characteristics!). Special Zombies (hunter, smoker etc.) have new skins. If you've got tired of original game, use this modification! I didn't make models of weapons ...

  • 5 Maps

    Fallen Fortress

    DESCRIPTION Campaign available in coop and versus mode This is the first L4D2 campaign I've ever worked on and I learned about everything along the way, I've worked on this map for over a year (October 9th, 2020 - November 19th, 20...

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    Lair of the Hunters.

    *** ALL FIVE OF MY CAMPAIGNS ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT THE STEAM WORKSHOP. I was finally able to publish again. (10/29/2021) NEW VPK POSTED *** 10/29/2021.2:20am *** Updated the sound.cache. Fight your way through the Lair of the Hunte...

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    beta original hunting rifle sound

    Is finally here guys the original beta hunting rifle sound from the e3 2007 notes: you need to update & rebuild audio cache before starting the game otherwise it wont work. dont steal my mod if you are going to use in another mod ask ...

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    Beta SMG Sounds

    Yeah Anotha One Of These Beta Sounds. It Was Easy Making This. I Will Never Make Skin Mods. Only Sound Mods.

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    Beta Pistol Sounds

    These Are The Beta 2007 Pistol Sounds. Instructions Are In The Folder. They Are Instructions On How To Install The Sounds. The Source Of These Sounds Are From An Beta Video. I Cut The Parts With The Sounds.

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    Left 4 Dead 1 The Neutral Casting HUD

    I make the l4d1 version of l4d2 "The Neutral Casting HUD" You can get the l4d2 The Neutral Casting HUD in L4D2 workshop (3.0更新: 支援台灣語言) ▼ What does this mod do? 1.Change the hud when you press Tab button in game. 2.Change chat b...

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    Left 4 Dead 2 Mod Manager (In Development)


    I am preemptively making this page for anyone who wishes to give feedback during the development process, so that i can receive questions, concerns, suggestions etc... or even just voice your thoughts / interest on the project, but mostl...

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    PAY4Dead 2 - The Weapon Sounds of PAYDAY 2

    The PAY4Dead 2 - The Weapon Sounds of PAYDAY 2 sound add-on replaces the drawing, firing, and reloading sounds of all Left 4 Dead 2 firearms to their closest respective counterparts in PAYDAY 2. Also available on the Steam Workshop and ...

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    L4D2 Highschool of the Dead Menu IconPack

    A little mod i made today in which i wanted to make a matching main menu icon pack for l4d2 in order to match my background mod i recently made to finish my personal l4d2 HOTD Theme... I figured sharing is caring so i'm sharing the icon ...

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    Left 4 TLS

    Allows the "Left 4 Bots", "Left 4 Grief" and "Left 4 Fun" addons to run on a pre "The Last Stand update" version of the game. Tested on version, i don't know if it works on older versions. PLEASE NOTE: I'm not supporting piracy...

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    Left 4 Dead 2: Sweetie Bot As Tank (Voice Mod)

    So I Was looking around in my Left 4 Dead 2 File When I Came across this mod i've been working on for quite time now, So I Decided Hey While I'm Making MLP Voice Mods when not add this also! :P This is a voice pack that contain Sweetie...

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    [HD] Left4dead 2

    Este mod es una compilación de diferentes mods que aumentan la calidad del juego y le añaden realismo, haciéndolo que sea como un juego de la actualidad, algunos de los mods modifican las texturas, partículas, sonidos y modelos. La canti...

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    [L4D] Casting Hud

    This is a HUD specifically for Casters, these can be used in Left 4 Dead community tournaments, it was used in the 2022 L4D1 NC International Tournament. In the images the NC Tournament logo appears, but in the published version I add...

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    Return of the Living Dead SBS

    Beta 9.6

    Lou Saffire presents... L4D2 incarnation of the John Russo and Dan O'Bannon film, Return of the Living Dead using the new 'Safehouse' finale based on Survival Barricade System. Like any other gametype plz do not expect bots to be anythi...

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    Night of the Living Dead SBS

    Beta 9.5

    A L4D2 incarnation of George A romero and John A Russo film. This map was created primarily to test the current version of the Survival Barricade System.Thank you all for the feedback, happy hammering! roleplayer? Check out '2D Storyt...

  • 10 Maps

    Left 4 Invasion: Outer Space!

    [INFORMATION] The world of Left 4 Dead 2 has been invaded by aliens! They have two goals in their minds! TO DESTROY ALL HUMANS! and annihilate Earth! The future of humanity rests on the shoulders of four unlikely heroes of Left 4 Dead! ...

  • Map

    No Parking


    Lou Saffire presents... Bill and the crew made it to the passing , but they never mentioned they met Whitaker along the way... A Left for dead 2 community subplot. Version 2.0 (10/25/2013) Hints recommended for first playthroug...

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    Rebecca Chang ( Zoey )

    Rebecca Chang from Dead Rising 2 Replaces Rochelle * Fp Model * Colored Hud * Custom Images in Avatar , Lobby and Incap pictures * Added jigglebones on air and b**bs ***** Next on list : Bravo Team S.T.A.R.S. from Resident evil Zero 0...

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    Field of View for L4D

    Now you can change field of view like in L4D2 Put files here: Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ left 4 dead \ left4dead \ addons Open console and type viewmodel_fov_override and fov_override First command is responsible for the FOV of the han...

  • 3 Maps

    Wild Ride

    Beta 8.6

    Story: A custom campaign that took a couple years so far to draw. A long weekend party went on a little too long - will the survivors make it back home to see family again? Thanks to SpaceTed for questions answered Thanks to ndimakukond...

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    It's not just buildings that get constructdead! In this map the survivors are pinned down in a construction yard. Will they survive or will they join the dead? ---- This is my first ever map made in hammer. I made it in around 40 hou...

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    Boomer and L4D2 for L4D1 Smoker

    Boomer and smoker of Left 4 Dead 2 for the first game... those infected more ordered ;) finally finished them assemble :) Read "changelog" installation instructions and follow the steps... enjoy ;)

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    L4D2 for L4D1 tank

    Version original of the tank's Left 4 Dead 2 for the first game... completely modified and well-armed compatible with multiplayer (online) read "Changelog" installation instructions and follow the steps... Enjoy ;)

  • 4 Maps

    The Convoy

    Beta 7.2

    Buy vehicles ranging from the unstoppable Killdozer to the high tech CEDA Research Trailer and modify them to purchase weapons, deployable traps, sentry turrets, fences and even battlefield leveling support powers! Hire mercenaries to s...

  • 5 Maps

    Frozen: Chapter 2


    This campaign is after the events of Beginning Hours. 'Winter is here and the survivors were barricaded in a section of the city of Gurnee in Northern IL by the military, the military soon got overrun by zombies. Now out of food and zomb...

  • 15 Maps

    Sector-74: March of the survivors


    TRAILER WALKTHROUGH Chapter 1 to 15 are still being updated/tweaked/improved etc. etc. (new updates follow in the future for better gameplay) Chapter 13 to 15 still need allot of tweaking, fixing, bugfixing, gameplay cha...

  • 6 Maps

    Pesaro 2a Ondata

    The survivors were relieved to leave Pesaro, but their getaway didn't last long ----- the fishboat crashed into the docks and now another adventure awaits them to escape this cursed city....FOREVER. At least in the first run, enable t...

  • 5 Maps

    Fairfield Terror: Beta inspired No Mercy remake...


    This is a BETA inspired No Mercy Remake. AVAILIBLE MAPS 1/5. We Suggest to set your brightness Level, to VERY DARK. This campaign is not an exact copy of the L4D beta, it´s a beta inspired remake. While creating this campaign, We had ...

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    Simpsons Survival


    IMPORTANT: For the textures to work properly please follow these steps: Place the simpsons_survival.vpk in your L4D2 addons folder (Steam/SteamApps/common/Left 4 Dead 2/left4dead2/addons) Go to your L4D2 materials folder which...

  • Map



    UPDATE- V1.6 online now, please update reviews. Thank you. Penultimate is a survival map created by Dylan Holcomb which takes place at the headquarters of Pauling Weapon Design. With all these guns, and a few little secrets to be found,...

  • Map


    Lou Saffire presents... The cursed cinema from Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava's 1980's film 'Demons' in which a chromed mask starts a contagion of the Demons throughout the Metropol cinema bringing about death and destruction! check out...

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    Soldier (Voice Mod for Francis)

    All right, men! This is Soldier, by the way. And I have replaced Francis because of his unruly behaviour on my battlefield and he is dishonourably discharged, maggots! Now, go and give the zombies HELL, boys! This is a voice mod for Fr...

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