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    An original attack & defend map that is set in an epic castle. The current version of Castle was released 5/11/2008.

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    An alpine themed Payload map with rollforward, rollback, and dynamic gate elements. BLU must assault RED's base to uncover their hidden explosive stockpile and disable it. CP 1 and 2 both have gates that BLU must destroy when they cap t...

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    Indulge is an original Sawmill themed 5CP map that uses height as a primary element around each control point. I used my experience building Follower to mold this map into something superior, and playtests have shown that my goal was acc...

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    An original alpine themed 5-CP map that does not stray far from tried and true gameplay. Follower has been or is currently being played in XPL, Bigfoot Killer Edge Challenge, Wireplay 6v6, CEVO, ESEA Seasons 4 and 5, TGL, TWL, STA, UGC, ...

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    A modification of the Mach TF2 map to fit the Arena game mode. Set in an alpine environment. The current version of this map was released 9/5/2008.

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    Canalzone is a 'Domination' map based on the original QWTF level by David Sawyer (now of Valve). Teams win by holding more control points than the opposite team until a score reaches 100% domination. Canalzone has been or is currently b...

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    This is a remake from Q3F/ETF of the popular map 'Stag', by the Q3F development team. A 5-point CP map. Stag has been or is currently being played in STA and UGC. The final version of Stag was released on 4/19/2008.

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    This is a remake of the Q3F and ETF map 'Chaos' by Matt Wilson. It is suitable for smaller CTF games, and can be compared with 'Mach'. Chaos has been or is currently being played in STA, TWL, and UGC. The final version of Chaos was rele...

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    A remake of the QWTF and Q3F map Impact, originally by [WM]Kordos. This is a medium to large CTF map with many gameplay options. Impact has been or is currently being played in STA, TWL, and UGC. The final 2.0 version of Impact was rele...

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    A Very basic duel map for Team Fortress 2 created shortly after TF2's release. It harkens back to the simple duel maps of QWTF and Q3F/ETF.

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    A simple CTF map meant to tackle the flaws of traditional CTF in TF2. Includes new innovations like the 'Mercy rule' and security gates. The map is slightly larger than ctf_mach4 overall, but the flags are closer to the base entrances. M...

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    This is a remake of the ETF and Q3F map Mach. The QWTF original was by 'Someone', who also worked on the original 2fort5r. Mach has been played in the CEVO, STA, TGL, TWL, and UGC leagues. The final 4.0 version of Mach was released on 1...

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