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    Merciless Survivor Bots


    This time, I took some experiments by improving bot's aim ability, and... Well, just as scary as its title, the survivor bots here are merciless. If I can put in difficulty level, probably they're equal to hard or advanced difficulty. Th...

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    Enhanced Angry Vanilla Bots

    You can say that this is the "lite" version of my "Merciless Survivor Bots" mod. This mod is another experiment for fun about bots that only focuses on making bots "angry". . Just as the title says, this mod makes even the vanilla bots...

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    Celestial Melee Weapons

    The melee weapons were blessed by the heaven, & now they become "Celestial Melee Weapon" that contain certain celestial powers. Now, not only zombies bring chaos to the apocalyptic world, survivors also bring salvation & descended hope f...

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    Survivor Bots Stand on Their Own Feet


    After looking at some vscript functions, I gave a try to make this one. Just like the title, this mod slightly improves bot's ability to stand on their own. Each time they fall, they'll stand again and again until their last breath :D . ...

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    Survivors Stand On Their Own Feet

    Well, the only thing that makes this different from my another mod with almost similar name linked below is I "enabled all skills" to survivors (players & bots) in this mod. Unlike the previous mod of which some effects are only for bots...

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    The Regen Ability

    During the prolonged zombie war, survivors found mysterious drug shots abandoned in a laboratory by scientists. Once they used it, miraculously they started to have a regen ability, just like the special infected. . In other words, this ...

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    Body Relocation Lite

    This is a "lite" version of a mod with the same name. While the teleport effect of the main version applies to all weapons and melee, I made this one only apply to pills & adrenaline shot. The main purpose of this lite mod is only for wa...

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    Body Relocation (Custom Weapon Mod)

    This time, I'd like to introduce another mod of mine. After seeing how often the bots get in the way & then get shot as they're just suddenly standing in front of the player, & also how they sometimes get stuck in custom maps due to the ...

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    Super Special Infected: "Against All Odds"

    This time, I edited the Special Infected so now they have warp ability. I did this just for fun so that I wouldn't get bored playing this. With this mod, players will experience how fighting Super Saiyan Infected feels like. Oops, I mean...

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    Incendiary Mode

    I forgot where I read, but some people ever requested about incendiary ammo mod somewhere in this site. So, this time, I made it with some additional features. The fire ammo here is different from the incendiary ammo pack, as ALL types o...

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    The Vomit Chaos

    Once upon a time, Boomer wanted to give a prank to his special infected friends. His boomer wife & he prepared a party at a pool. Witch was too sad to accept the invitation, so she's out. Then, other special infected enjoyed playing in t...

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    Just Little Helps for Survival

    This is the "nerfed" version of my "Desperado" mod. If that mod feels too strong/ OP or gives more difficulty due to certain weapons' effect modifications, this can be the solution. I removed all ammo upgrade effects & most weapons with ...

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    Just Little Helps for Survival (Mutation Mode)

    Different from the previous version, this one is mutation mode. . This is the "nerfed" version of my "Desperado" mod. If that mod feels too strong/ OP or gives more difficulty due to certain weapons' effect modifications, this can be the...

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