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Welcome to the StarCraft Chess Championship! You are the King. If you die, your side loses so stay alive! Luckily, you have the powerful Queen to defend you, so use her wisely. You can also build Cannons to protect your position. If the enemy brings a Pawn into the King's chamber, it will become ...
HungriestHippo, Festive Luker
March 2014
Three seasons have passed since the cats and mice first waged war. Now it is Winter, and the war continues. The Mice have found it difficult to purchase mercenaries in these harsh times, and have instead started creating breeds of mice. Rumors are, that the cats have developed some new abilities a...
March 2014
SUGGESTED PLAYERS: 6-8 Capture the flag twice and guide your hero to victory.
March 2014
Load units in the loading area and bomb targets in Tora Bore in center of map. Probe & Zealot are small bomb. Dragoon, and high templar for medium explosion. For big bombs use archons, and reavers. Ammo suppliers bring units to the beacons!!
March 2014
OH SH*T! The retards of the school have grouped! AND they are planning an attack! Everyone grab the school's weapons, and lock the doors! It's a siege I tell you!!!! - Defend against the retards untill the timer runs to 0:00.
March 2014
So you think that u can beat the art of defense or the art of survival or the art of super defense, well heres a news flash this is MUCH HARDER than all of those!!! Survive for 45 minutes.
March 2014
As soon as you are placed in the container, burrow very deep! Make your own hives! Bottom left corner is a good place for a hive.
March 2014
Be the last man standing! Gain kills to upgrade and get heros!
March 2014
7 people vs one very hard computer the computer will rush so build a defence quick or you will die!
March 2014
Your have been choosen to be the 9999 Marine! Goodluck in destroying thee Earth. WARNING: AFTER YOUR MARINE DIES THE GAME IS NOT OVER
March 2014
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