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GameMaps 2.0 - Creating new game modes.

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General Guide

Adding new game modes is here!

With the new GameMaps release developers can now create new game modes for maps. This is particularly important for those games that are missing modes, or in the event you create a brand new style of gameplay. 

What is a game mode?

Game modes define the style of gameplay that the map is created for.  Some modes are officially provided by the game itself while new game modes are created and/or invented by community developers.

Capture The Flag - Some custom maps are made specifically for 'capture the flag' and contain two flag control points.
Campaigns - These considered campaigns because they follow a story, or contain a series of maps or missions.
Let's Build - Developers in the Left 4 Dead community have created a new map mode called 'Let's Build' which allows you to use resources and build a base and/or defense.
Deathmatch - A map generally created with random spawn points and is developed for deathmatch style gameplay.
Survival - Survival maps in the Left 4 Dead series are focused on maps that challenge you to survive as long as possible while endless swarms of zombies are coming at you.

There are a endless amount of game modes and it really depends on the game and developers. We support and encourage developers to challenge their creativity. This is why we now allow developers to create their own game modes to expand the endless possibilities with custom content.

Edit Game Mode Interface

The mode interface when editing a map (see below) will allow you to select, add or create user-defined modes.
If you don't see the mode available for your map, you can add or create a new game mode. (image below)
Once you have created a new game mode for your custom map, it will appear in the maps navigation menu allowing the GameMaps community to enjoy your new mode and content. (see below)

That sums up the new game mode feature for developers!  We hope you enjoy this new feature and we look forward to enjoying and sharing all your creative content!  Thanks for supporting GameMaps!

(This new mode feature is apart of the new GameMaps that is launching soon! Please be patient as we are working hard to release the new GameMaps as soon as possible.)

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