How to make you're own reskin on L4D2
Prepare your tools!
You must prepare all your needs for your reskin and here are the followings! I cannot send a link but I can just give you the title of what you need.

1. GCFScape ( For opening .vpk files)
2. VTFEdit ( For the texture's photo)
3. Paint, Photoshop, Powerpoint ( Unnecessary but easy for me), or any other editing tools.
4. vpk.exe ( can be found in the left4dead2 folder) !MAKE SURE TO MAKE A SHORTCUT SO IT IS EASIER WHEN YOU CONVERT THE RESKIN!
5. A folder
Getting the material!
Open your l4d2's documents! Open the folder, " left4dead2" and find the file named, " pak01_dir"
with GCFScape. Once you opened the pack of the file, go to the following.

materials/models/survivors|weapons|infected|etc. THE | are just to seperate what file you would rather open... :P
Opening and editing the texture file!
Once you opened the material files you want to edit... It's time to get the textures open!!! YAY!

Open the ".vtf" files with VTFEdit and export the image as .bmp or copy the image to where you want to edit it...

Best to be done in Photoshop and Powerpoint ( Once you get a good grip on it...) and once you finish it... Open VTFEdit and import it / paste it... Make sure it is the same size to the previous .vtf you edited and do this to the folder and make sure that it is the same path as the vpk files. and then save it in the last folder of where you put it.
Keeping the .vmt files!
 This unnecessary but sometimes, you need to .vmt files... Just copy and paste it to the folder where your mods are located... Same place inside the folder where the vtf files are! :D
Addon information!
This isn't needed much but for some people who want to explain what their reskin is about... Just open a notepad and copy/paste this! :)

AddonTitle          " "
	AddonVersion        "1.0"
	AddonDescription    " "
	AddonAuthor         "AUTHOR_NAME"
	AddonAuthorSteamID  "AUTHOR_STEAM_ID"

	AddonSteamAppID  550

	AddonContent_BackgroundMovie 0
	AddonContent_BossInfected    0
	AddonContent_Campaign        0
	AddonContent_CommonInfected  0
	AddonContent_Map      0
	AddonContent_Music    0
	AddonContent_Prefab   0
	AddonContent_Prop     0 
	AddonContent_Script   0
	AddonContent_Skin     0
	AddonContent_Sound    0
	AddonContent_Spray    0
	AddonContent_Survivor 0
	AddonContent_Weapon      0 
	AddonContent_WeaponModel 0

And make sure that you change one of the numbers to what you're reskin will change and put the title, version, description inside the quotation marks!... And once done, save it at the very first folder of you're reskin's document...
Turning it into a vpk!
Remember the vpk.exe I told to make a shortcut of? Now you are gonna use that!

Drag the folder to the vpk.exe shortcut and wait for a few moments for it to be converted... It will be completed in only a few seconds and once done, move it or copy it to the addons folder! And if you done the steps correctly, you will have your own reskin! :)
I hope this helped! :)
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azzra182 January 2017
azzra182 January 2017
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This seems helpful. Bu i don't need my own reskinned model. Hi DarkWolfSFM! Where's your additional fact about my new facts "Top 5 Facts about Coach"?
DiamondOreAttacker June 2016
Actually... Nevermind. Your additional fact is already there.