Survive long
"Wiseman said,you will be happy if you have long bless life"
I Still new around here but i will give you a guide.this guide for expert or beginner.

You want escape this chaos?of course you can!here's the tips
1.Bot must protect you and you also must trust them if they keep kill many zombies or special zombie
2.carefull at hunter,charger and smoker,they deal high damage depend on your difficulty
3.Jockey also dangerous if you play at maps that contains many cliff,he can grab you there and say goodbye.
4.Watchout for your friend if he/she threw molotov or shoot gascan,propane tank and O2can
5.If you still new,don't try play higher difficulty
6.Witch is dangerous,she will knock you down in one blow (in expert,got hit,goodbye)
7.Witch weakpoint is head and her back.shoot her head with sniper and shoot her back with better shotgun.
8.Tank is the most dangerous infected,he can punch you and deal more damage.his health is plenty so you need teamwork.
9.Use upgrade so you can deal all special infected easily
10.I think explosive ammo is more better effect to them cause when you shoot charger,jockey,spitter,hunter and smoker they got knockback
11.Watchout for spitter goo,she can shoot goo and leave goo when she die.don't stay to long or you will get more damage.
12.Watchout boomers.Their heath is 50,if you shoot near them,you blinded and inviting more zombie to kill you
13.Use pipebomb to distract them
14.Carefull with charger,he will not released you until you die
15.In The Parish final,the bridge is lucky place for jockey and charger cause they can drag you or make you fly (if you got hit by charger)to river and sadly you didn't make it.
16.Watchout riot zombie,he can be kill if you shoot right to his back
17.Mudmen at swamp fever make you blinded for a sec
18.CEDA agent is fire proof,so if you throw molotov to them,they still alive.
19.Jimmy Gibs is hard to find but he has more health than other infected
20.Grenade launcher is best weapon for dealing horde,watchout you can't take the ammo for it,so use it wisely
21.Grenade launcher also can hit you if you play normal until expert difficulty so becareful to use it
22.Incendiary ammo is good to kill all infected
23.using incendiary ammo on grenade launcher will also deal more damage to you and bots
24.In The Passing,don't play the music at wedding party,witch will easily angry and catch survivor who play the music
25.Chainsaw is badass melee to deal with horde but it distract sound
26.Melee is good to deal horde,but you need right timing to hit them
27.PIstol deal 28(single)56(dual) and Magnum is 80 damage
29.hunting rifle is weaker than military but military waste more ammo because its 30/180,use all weapons wisley
30.You can use Bile bomb to call infected or distract them,watchout at hard rain,some zombie won't distract with bile bomb
31.If you see downed survivor,quickly get them up for rescuing you
I think that's all,so becarefull when playing in all campaign and custom maps.The best is you better learn from master if you still new.
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