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    Space Ship X (mini) (rev.0.9)
    Beta N/A

    File Description Im not new to game designing, but this is my first map for SCR. For now it doesnt properly work in BW, just SCR. More precisely there are two maps in one pack. Free For All version up to 4 players. And 1 player Scenar...

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    Vulture Vs Probe v1.1

    Practice your skills killing probes with vultures. features / options: - adjust the number of vultures - adjust the number of workers - weapon / armor upgrades - kill count per round - 3 different mineral lines (1 cannon, 2 cannons or ...

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    Terran Vs 9 Pool v0.2

    Practice your micro vs 9 Pool and 9 Pool speed with this map. Options included: start trigger (so you can prepare your hotkeys first), 9 pool, and 9 pool speed


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