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GameMaps Team Fortress 2 Mods TF2 Beta 2007 Pack
TF2 Beta 2007 Pack created by Gigan75pcp/1337gamer15/revenant100.
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This is a pack designed to get your TF2 all about the TF2 beta. This includes all beta style classes, beta styled Team icons, beta style posters and wall paintings with beta team styled icons and more. NOTE: There is two TF2 Beta's: 2007 and 2009. The 2007 is the one that I am releasing.
Last Updated: 08/30/12
Released: 12/31/69
Status: Unreleased - Watchlist this add-on!
File: tf2beta.rar  
Size: 10.49MB
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Last Updated: 08/30/12 Views: 7,717 Status: Unreleased - Watchlist this add-on!
Uhhh is this ever gonna be released? It's kinda 2 years later...
yes the pack i was looking for i need this beta pack so i can make my game look beta like ps does this work the snipers ak-47 mod? plz awnser
ima test it
Sometimes i wish tfmaps was more high traffic.......
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