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Originaly Released in: 2013-12-23 One of my first maps of which I've actually finished! (yea, is supposed to look this simple, trust me.) This map is unoptimized, but when teseted on my very slow PC it ran great! There is a control point version available on gamebanana (it's actually the main vers...
1 weeks ago
nonPareil Institute's very first MvM project! Fight wave after wave of Gray Mann's robot army in this brand new map, inspired by the invasion of Normandy on D-Day and created by some of our excellent crew members! Current Missions: Normandy- Normal Mission Beach Raid- Intermediate Mission with har...
2 weeks ago
Stonebridge has the control point on a covered bridge in the middle of a map, spanning a shallow ditch. There are underground passages on either side of the map that give classes that work behind the frontlines a safe way to get around, and a relatively flat and empty area above that makes for great...
3 weeks ago
A small map on a minecraft world ! For all minecraft players... I created this map for my server, but you can use it on your own! IP of the server :
last month
A Payload map created by taxicat for Team Fortress 2.
last month
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Replaces Buff & Conch sounds with Yoshi's New Island soundtrack.
2 days ago
Pokemon UI and HUD soundpack for TF2 (v1.0) This soundpack will be purely using old Pokemon game sounds. You can check the demonstration video bellow. -Features- Sound replacements for: - Menu and Store button sounds. - Replay error sound. - In-game notification sound. - Dueling Mini-Game sound...
2 weeks ago
An alternate take on the Heavy's voice and character. WARNING: This mod only covers quotes compatible with Mann Versus Machine. More updates will be made for all other game modes and cosmetic specific quotes. Face posing will also not work once installed. This is me attempting to do Russian so ple...
last month
Team colored Liberty Launcher Sonic for BLU Shadow for RED Check out the full set!
May 2014
Team colored Market Gardener Sonic for BLU Shadow for RED Check out the full set!
May 2014
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