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Add me on steam if you wish Camping Delights.
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Left 4 Dead 2 14 mods
I am back after a long hiatus to bring a Psychostick Concert Mod and Jukebox Mod. Kill zombies while listening to classics such as: Welcome to the Show, Die a Lot, I Can Only Count to 4, Do You Want A Taco, Hate times 8, I'm a Dog and I like socks, :(, and Political Bum. Hope you enjoy, and if there...
February 2014
1. Joecoolman26 - Cutie Mark Crusader Theme Song (Power Metal) 2. Bronyfied - PINKIE'S GOT A SHOTGUN 3. Bronyfied - My Little Metal Melody 4. NightColt befriends Not A Clever Pony - For Those Who Love The Night 5. BigPonyMac - Art of the Dress Hard Rock Cover 6. Bronyfied - Hush Now Quiet Now
June 2012
More Epic Remixes and parodies from famous Bronies enjoy. Please note any hate comments will be deleted thank you. 1. Giggle at the Ghosties Eurobeat Remix 2. Luna Dubstep 3. Pony Swag 4. Pony Rock Anthem 5. Trixie the Pony Troll
June 2012
This was a request a while back by Darkhunter and as I said before ask and you shall receive. This is a brony concert pack that features two songs Wooden Toaster's Rainbow Factory as well as the instrumental for the tank and the One Trip Pony Remix done by The Living Tombstone. So enjoy.
May 2012
AFTER WEEKS OF DOING THIS MOD IT IS FINALLY OUT. Fillies and Gentlecolts I present Derpy's Muffin Tank Texture mods. Note that I have not tested this out on the L4D1 maps just the L4D2 maps so it might not work in the L4D1 campaigns sorry:(
April 2012
So many small mods *shrugs* DOH WELL! Here in this little mod of mine I change some signs *keyword being some* in the Whitakers Gunshop so enjoy to a Daring Do theme so enjoy.
April 2012
Yup some people requested that I change the music of the CMC to some Metal My Little Pony Remixes so ask and you shall receive. NOW I AM OFF TO MAKE DERPY BURGER TANK *salutes*
April 2012
Hello all Bronies and Pegasisters I am back to bring you another texture MLP poster for L4D2 it is a wonderbolts poster that will replace the Jimmy Gibbs Poster. (Next Mod I will be working on will be A Derpy Themed Tank Burger so look out for that)
April 2012
Hello again you Pony Folk out there I have a new mod for you guys it is a mod that replaces all the Jukebox music with Brony fan made music so enjoy Songs used: 1.Sister Hate 2.Love me Cheerilee 3.Smile Song Living Tombstone Remix 4.Shes a Pony 5.Discord 6.Trixie the Pony Troll
April 2012
Version 2.0 is here. I changed the Rainbow Crash Bumper car sign a great deal so enjoy :D
April 2012
Ive been getting a lot of bad complaints on the Whispering Oaks Billboard in my first release of this mod so added a couple of tweaks to that Billboard is the rest is the same so enjoy.
April 2012
Back again bringing you fine Brony and Pegasister folks out there my MLP billboards. This took me no time at all to make the billboards but I am still working on the coding to make them appear in game so it took me awhile for that. So anyway enjoy please give feedback thanks in advance.
April 2012
HEY HEY HEY I am back with a new MLP Texture mod for l4d2. In this texture mod I replace all the food signs from the Dark Carnival Campaign (well almost all of them) so enjoy :D
April 2012
This my latest attempt at the Pinkie Pie Flashlight and I redesigned it from the ground so any complaints or comments on how I can improve this would be greatly appreciated and please don't hate thank you and enjoy.
June 2012
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1 Cupcakes HD 04/24/12

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