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Replace Coach with Fergal Stack from Timesplitters
8 hours ago
hird mod of this new 2015, include FPS Arms, Bile Texture and everything and it replace Rochelle. Garry's Mod Model by Srgt. Shotup and =|Fro...
10 hours ago
The Commander Keyes from Halo Combat Evolved Replacing Bill. Have Fun! :)
10 hours ago
The Librarian from Metro 2033 as the Tank. I haven't tried it on-line yet. But with the help of gusejr0124 is seems not to have Consistency Er...
Valve's Train Tunnel map with L4D1 Survivors.
13 hours ago
Parish Bridge Survival Map setup at the Choppa. Note: The top of the Bridge was crashing after 15 min, so I took the radio out up there and s...
14 hours ago
Heyyyy guys! I'm pumpin' more mods your ways to keep you all happy and erect! xD In this mod I've changed the dead parachutist to look more re...
22 hours ago
Sorry for the long wait, but here is the spitter retexture so many of you have been asking for! In this mod, the spitter's clothes have been c...
22 hours ago
My new mod. Replaces Silenced SMG with NON-silenced MAC-10. Animations made by Krycek.
Zoey as Clementine. Clementine Model and Textures: Unknown Zoey Model and Textures: Valve
'Ello mates, Brand Frontier like usual, and finally the charger texture is done! I hope you guys like this mode, I had a friend help me out wi...
2 days ago
Finally here is my first tank retexture! This mod took me a while to make, I had a bit of trouble with the reflections but I finally got it to...
2 days ago
This is the real, non-joke edition of the campaign. I'm re-uploading this as a final good-bye to the site and the L4D Community. Say what y...
2 days ago
7/7 maps
Edit: Added L4D1 Survivors Valves c9m2_lots from Crash Course in Survival mode. Use the Radio on the ground for dark map, or use the Gener...
2 days ago
A true sequel to the original 2019, players will be able to continue on the story and explore original fiction in the 2019 lore universe. Aft...
2 days ago
4/4 maps
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