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Retired Bill out to get the Vampires. For a little change. I borrowed some duds from Louis to outfit bill. Bill Head and Beret Textures: MrPu...
56 minutes ago
No Photos it's all a surprise! lol Withered Bonnie Replacing the Charger
1 hour ago
--Replacing the Pumpshotgun-- --contains custom hud icon-- --Contains custom sounds. Uses Autoshotgun boltback/boltforward sound-- --Uses D...
Parish Bridge Survival Map split into 2 areas. The helicopter area is setup with Tier 2 weapons and a couple of .50 cals. Added a start radio...
4 hours ago
Yo yo wussup peeps. xD Someone asked me to drench a witch in blood, so once again, here is another retexture! This mod actually took me awhile...
4 hours ago
survivors in bright colored clothing
4 hours ago
Hey mates! Turns out someone asked me to make some rusty vents, well, here they are! This mod looks amazing to me so I hope it works for all o...
4 hours ago
hey everybody! did you noticed that cj has been exported in left 4 dead in pratically every survivor but not coach? there you have it, a Carl ...
12 hours ago
Ellis as Metro Last Light Khan. Khan's head is ill-proportioned so I used Ellis's Head. Facial animations included. 4AGames: Khan Model and T...
13 hours ago
Replaces the UZI's firing sound with the firing sound of the PP2000 from MW2 Credit goes to Infinity Ward for the original sound.
18 hours ago
Valve's Shanty Town map in survival mode.
21 hours ago
why does wrist break? Fixes the looking animations for Hunting Rifle. Thanks to Xaflu for sending me the VPK to me, now this is Stark's mod.
22 hours ago
Gordon's Trusty Steed, from 2001 Replaces the L4D2 Crowbar with the HL1 HD Crowbar
Claude Speed Replacing Francis. Include FPS Arms, Portarait lobby icon and more L4D1 style in game icon and bile texture.
Gordon's Trusty Steed Replaces the L4D2 Crowbar with the HL2 Crowbar
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GameMaps Games Left 4 Dead 2