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Has the sounds of the safe room and the effects of resident evil code veronica menu
18 minutes ago
Replace ellis with Soap Mactavish from call of duty.
4 hours ago
As requested by Sub-Zero69 Raiden from (Mortal Kombat VS DC) replaces the survivor ROCHELLE.
9 hours ago
Lt. Rocky's Silenced Remington 1187 placed in arby26's reanimated auto-shotty rig (l4d2_autoshotguns_re-animated_light_1.0). Lt. Rocky: Key Grip, Prime Mover and Original Compile. Kaskad: Model and Textures. arby26: Animations
9 hours ago
A re-make of Hard Rain. This is my first time using hammer editor, so a few of the areas of the map are unoriginal while I was just trying out random things, in the end I just went with what I had done during the map editing and improved it while I learned. Thanks to: NF for co-designing. Femputer ...
11 hours ago
5/5 maps
This mod still contains the same changes like the original one, except of the reserve ammo. Check the AddOn linking below for more information. This was requested by some people. ================================================== Never run out of ammo again! This script collection alters the clip...
18 hours ago
This script collection alters the clip size and reserve ammo of every weapon in almost every game mode. It also changes the most values like damage (which is now nearly realistic), accuracy, firing speed (not even ONE semi-automatic gun has a firing speed limitation left now) and penetration. This s...
Replaces the music of the tank de RESIDENT EVIL CODE VERONICA X
23 hours ago
No intro or end video yet. If you die in game you will be sent to the end of that level not the start. Finding your way around the levels may take you time to learn, like all new games. The 3rd level is for runners. Work as a team and stay together if you can, Also the 3rd level can give 3 Tanks som...
5/5 maps
Another Tank Map, in a smaller arena. Enter the arena and fight tanks for 10 minutes. You will then have to find Moustachio to activate 1 out of 4 possible rescues (Don't take too long to reach Moustachio or he will change position!) Rescues are located below the coloured walls. A button und...
This Allows the use of bladed weapons and crawling When incapped, restores health to 100% after using the medkit and shortens the duration of its use and recovery of survivors, gives 4 more grenades grenade chosen for each (max. Grenades Five) and Increases weapon damage and disable friendly fire an...
The Metro Kalash 2012 Suppressed. Model, Textures, Sound: 4A Games Animations: arby26
Something I felt like doing. Made specifically for 16:9 monitors, but still looks great on 16:10 ones!
A simple remake of the medical cabinet in 2048x2048.
2 days ago
Replace the music of the the tank with 'If you smell' of the wrestler The Rock.
3 days ago
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GameMaps Games Left 4 Dead 2