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This HUD mod replaces the standard L4D2 HUD with one inspired by the HUD used in Borderlands 2, with a few alterations.
28 minutes ago
We hope to delay survivors mod and today is for Star Wars Fans weapons who used an sound mod, DC-15A Blaster Rifle, the Automatic Rifle (not A...
47 minutes ago
Matoi Ryuko(or Ryoko) from kill la kill anime. This is my first mod so don't expect her to be perfect. Zoey and Rochelle version in changelog.
1 hour ago
Klein from Sword Art Online. The model was ripped from the psp game, Sword Art Online : Infinity Moment.
6 hours ago
Replaces the Magnum's firing sound with the M1911's firing sound from Mirror's Edge. Credit goes to DICE for the original sound.
16 hours ago
And now i bring you another Rifle and is the M416, it will replace of course the M16 and it also comes with custom sounds as well, well i have...
"You can have it when you pry it off my cold dead hands." The infected have been hoarding guns and ammo, and are not willing to giv...
21 hours ago
M1014 which adopted CS1.6 Auto-Shotgun's gunfire sound,made in Italy!With CrossFire edition camo skin. ==Credits== Original Model: Twilight...
Noble 6 (MALE) from Halo REACH replaces the survivor LOUIS.
Noble 6 (MALE) from Halo REACH replaces the survivor ELLIS.
Tired of always seeing the same old wall break decal in Versus? Are you also frustrated because the wall break has no mods? Well, then I have ...
He is China's emergency last resort to population control He is the cause of every inexplicable explosion you see in movies He has kicked do...
let's dance french can-can with the tank
Replaces the firing sound of the Pump Shotgun with the firing sound of the Remington 870 MCS from BO2. Credit goes to Treyarch for the origin...
Replaces the Desert Rifle's firing sound with the M8A1 firing sound from BO2.
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