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The endgame finale song for BattleBlock Theater replaces "Skin on Our Teeth"....RUN!!! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW
3 hours ago
[WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW] I didn't saw Any Nyan Cat Mod for The Tank so... I Made One. Enjoy?
4 hours ago
Something to fool around with. There are no proper animations for this weapon. I placed it into the M16 rig to get it into the game. The Metro Ra...
5 hours ago
Lt. Simon 'Ghost' Riley from MW2 soundpack for Coach. Watch video. Dont use as a .vpk it wont work!!! See changelog for installation. Codenames:...
Cpt. Price voice mod for Nick. Watch video. I used voicelines from mw1 mw2 and mw3. Not all voicelines has been changed. Dont use this addon as a...
First things first thx to IlGropple that he made Soap as Ellis. Ive waited 4 it a long time ago. The survivor mod has done so the soundpack has d...
Alucard from Hellsing series. There're still a lot of bugs, I will fix him later when I had free time.
9 hours ago
The MA37 Assault Rifle from Halo REACH replaces the AK-47. It comes with the MA37 Assault Rifle firing sounds and it's screen also glows.
18 hours ago
Here's a little fun project. The Black Op's Scavenger as a Hunting Rifle. Update: Weight-paint fix. Mesh adjustment. Illumination on scope. Spe...
23 hours ago
Cortana replaces the survivor ROCHELLE. I can't seem to get her to glow completely so I just made her not glow for now.
Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya (Vintorez) Hunting Rifle. Alternative Scope. A Special Sniper Rifle issued primarily to Spetsnaz units for und...
Matoi Ryuko(or Ryoko) from kill la kill anime. This is my first mod so don't expect her to be perfect. Zoey and Rochelle version in changelog.
I really need to make images in Source Filmmaker for my stuff again. If only it weren't so time-consuming.. When the community has good ideas, i...
You need to put the files in Steam\SteamApps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\media Hope you enjoy ! Dont put my mods on the steam workshop.
For a complete list of all changes, check the changelog. IMPORTANT: If you still have the "ammunition optimizer - one firearm slot [infinit...
2 days ago
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