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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2
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The map is inspired after the Game Of Thrones tv show . I will update the map , making it better . Beta testers : mxrlon Mike_HDF TheTyGuys
11 hours ago
Yoshi has been kidnapped by Big Boo! With Mario and Luigi nowhere to be found, it's up to the Survivors to infiltrate the Vanilla Ghost House, defeat the boss, and rescue him. Do not play this with bots. You can technically complete it with bots, but I'm warning you, it can be frustrating. They are ...
4 days ago
Make your way through the dead city to the docks! It's a L4D2 port from L4D1 version. Thanks to AGRESSOR to give me permission to convert his awesome work.
2 weeks ago
3/3 maps
This was designed as an Single Player experience in mind. Players who are strong-willed with large amount of patience, stubborn and are also willing to sacrifice in order for the team to advance, then give this a shot. This campaign is based on various events, real life locales and other weird stuf...
2 weeks ago
7/7 maps
Fight your way through waves of zombies in an large airport themed map. Fight your way through concourses, cafes, the ground terminal, and don't forget your ticket and luggage.
2 weeks ago
Survivors must retrieve a lost infection antidote from an abandoned medical facility - 5 map campaign. Version 1.3
2 weeks ago
5/5 maps
One Hill of a City... Left 4 Duluth - a local art and music showcase - offers four new chapters of mayhem set in this idyllic Northland city. Battle lifeless zombie hordes as you travel through UMD, Fitger's, the Skywalk, and Canal Park - where safety lies just across the iconic Lift Bridge... Our...
3 weeks ago
5/5 maps
Which will swallow you first: the hordes or the darkness? Will you bite the bullet or submit to the contagion? These questions, and perhaps some answers, will be answered between 2 subway stations; each with a story to tell. Survive or submit. Features: -Drivable train with mounted gun that goes ...
3 weeks ago
Even zombies love football. Football stadium map, complete with balls and players. Note: This map is only playable in the included Zombie Football mutation.
3 weeks ago
Update realesed. Read change log. A small beach with some houses inspired by Dead Island Riptide. There are a lot of weapons around the map and points where you can hold out. Use mods from below to get map more Dead Island feeling. Name of the map is fictional btw. Created for the GameBanana Troub...
3 weeks ago
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Song 1 Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue Tank 1 The Ghost Inside - Engine 45 Song 2 Chunk, No Captian Chunk - All Star Tank 2 Four Year Strong - Find My Way Back Credits Finch - Letters To You
7 hours ago
A Metro Dumpster in the role of the... Dumpster. 4A Games: Model and Textures.
20 hours ago
I think that black might suit him best. this is my third, free for all outfit i have made so far.The first dosnt count in my opinion.Its way too bad. i would love to hear any feedbacks about my work and any suggestions for improvement. Enjoy :)
21 hours ago
when you pick something up , will hear the silent hill music!!!
I use his funny expression made this mod.九门大提督简介:他是一个传奇,他是吾辈屌丝的楷模。。。大都督向来见首不见尾的,至今无人知道他的任何资料。。。可是他在巧遇卡的神话是谁也超越不了的。。。
The Metro Piano in the role of the... Piano. 4A Games: Model and Textures.
SCAR-20 which adopted CS1.6 SG550's gunfire & gunother sound,made in Belgium! The original one doesn't have sound effect and camo effect,so I also give SCAR-20 desert camo skin. ==Credits== Original Model: Twilight Animation: Krycek Re-texturing: Richard Custom Sound: Richard
SVD Dragunov which adopted CrossFire SVD Dragunov's gunfire sound,made in Russia! I processed the original mod, this SVD Dragunov has CrossFire custom sound(the original isn't) and replaces Sniper Military. ==Credits== Original Model: Eprdox & Thanez Compiler: Doktor Haus & Lt. Rocky Ani...
This replace the Spitter models into Beta Drone from Alien Swarm Work only on Singleplayer and Modded server Requires SNPCs Special Infected Script
This replace the Boomer models into Boomer from Alien Swarm Work only on Singleplayer and Modded server Requires SNPCs Special Infected Script
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