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I'm covered in zombie blood and puke, and eyeballs, and 20 other parts I don't even recognize. I am IMMUNE as SH1T.
My Mods
Left 4 Dead 2 5 mods
Ammo Pile with ammo boxes from Resident Evil 4. All the ammo boxes are there: Red Hawk, Jackal, Heavyfield, Dragonfly, Ballistics and Ultimate Mighty Z (that is to say, Handgun, SMG, Shotgun, Rifle, Magnum and Handcannon). Screenshots taken from Noesis V3.66. Don't bomb me with complaints about how ...
January 2014
Custom retexture of the Ammo Pile, using several ammo boxes I've found laying around on the internet (some vitange, some modern, some from Resident Evil 4). Base texture is andy's Ammo Pile retexture, who apparently took his base texture from fdsman.
January 2014
Umbrella's T-Virus (Tyrant Virus) now with selfillum. V1.8 because it didn't end like I expected. I wanted the blue stuph (the virus itself) to glow, but the entire thing ended up glowin'. Whatever, it's still cool 'nuff. Oh, yeah, also I have plans for makin' it's purple counterpart.
January 2012
What? Fatty puke wasn't fittin' fer me. So here's Umbrella Corporation's Tyrant Virus from the Resident Evil series. Whenever I make V2, I'll make the liquid glow. And... maybe make it a bit lighter?
December 2011
Military-like Medkit. Y'know, green. If I make a V2, maybe I'll change the tone of green or somethin', and maybe... Dunno, make the symbol be on a circle instead of a square? Whatever.
December 2011
Left 4 Dead 1 mods
This here's my first retexture of the peelz. I made 'em looks like Duke Nukem's 'Nukem-RX' steroid line from Duke Nukem Forever. Goes very well with the Duke Coach mod. Usually, I choose the adrenaline shot over the peelz. But now, I'm takin' the yellow pill.
September 2012

GameMaps Member Directory NeoMetalSonic360