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Left 4 Dead 2 4 mods
created for all those Hyperdimension Neptunia fan out there... this mod replaced l4d2 maps with Neptunia Goddess theme... ..... List of CAMPAIGN MAP posters ... *DEAD CENTER *THE PASSING *DARK CARNIVAL *SWAMP FEVER *HARD RAIN *THE PARISH *COLD STREAM *NO MERCY *CRASH COURSE *DEATH TOLL *DEAD AIR *B...
September 2013
re-uploading de second VERSION... foe VOCALOID fan... using Miku Hatsune replaced de Jimmy Gibbs car and poster.... enjoy...
June 2012
em not de one who made de k-on stickers... 'frosT2009' did!! so credit also goes to frosT2009 foe dis.. meh just modified the stage wallpaper and k-on posters for a better k-on feel... thank you frosT2009 foe de stickers....!!!
May 2012
created for all those k-on fan out there like me... this mod replaced l4d2 maps with k-on characters... ..... with bonus map poster of NO MERCY and SACRIFICE...
May 2012

GameMaps Member Directory tenma