Survival map based around my actual home. Main focus was in detail. Map contains over 20 completely custom textures, including actual photos o...
Author EvilGoodGuy
Game Left 4 Dead
Tags Map Night 3) Hard
January 2010
All in all, a superb map, with great detail. The 90 hours you used to made this were obviously well spent, and I can't imagine how much you gave up to make this amazing map. Obviously you didn't sp...
A Beautiful map with Plenty of Displacements, and holdout points. Also includes a hybrid survival-versus gamemode.
Author Ausimus
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Day 2) Average Player Mode
May 2010
Great map, certainly the best I've played since getting Left 4 Dead 2. Lots of health packs mean you can survive longer and it isn't even an overly hard map to survive in, even with the health and ...