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Location Cádiz, Spain
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Left 4 Dead 2 3 maps
The army and the CEDA are on a mission at an lost island where are symptoms of infection on the natives. The army company doesnt respond to radio calls, you are sent in a squad to discover what happened to the army. The new army squad will learn a important lesson. infected are not the main menace..
May 2011
You are located on a train where all the people are infected! You have to escape from this nightmare advancing across the train. The train is very dangerous, be careful with your movements and with the special infecteds or you could fall of and die!
April 2010
This campaign represent the city of Cadiz, where I live. As it's located in Spain the custom voices and texts are in spanish. Includes some skins Requires to type 'snd_rebuildaudiocache' in console to hear custom sounds REQUIRES ADDON-SUPPORT TOOLS
April 2010
2/4 maps
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GameMaps Member Directory rudimor