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New by GothMinister
The survivors drifted at sea and a tankership seems deserted. But it's filled with infected. The survivors must try to restart the tankership ...
Author CastorJudo
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Night 3) Hard Rainy
June 2010
Excellent campaign, perfectly well converted to L4D2.
Adds missing textures and models. These files came in with the first revision of Cold Stream, and the reason they have been removed is because...
Author Rayman1103
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Mod Texture Packs fix
July 2013
This update from Valve showed a total disrespect to the mappers. Then your fix is salvation for these great campaigns Excellent job, works perfectly! Thank you very much!
The Military is flooding the city with deadly neurotoxin. Fight your way to the last chopper. On map 3 you can call in airstrikes by picking t...
Author Boing & Soup Toaster
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Night 3) Hard
February 2011
Congratulations, one of the most original L4D2 campaigns!
This campaign represent the city of Cadiz, where I live. As it's located in Spain the custom voices and texts are in spanish. Includes some sk...
Author rudimor
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Night 2) Average
March 2010
This is a good L4D2 campaign, but needs to be improved.
The storyline offer new setting of Borden city, struggling to survive in an epidemic apocalypse alongside with four heroes from the original L...
Author 100_o/o_f@ke, romasm
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D1 Survivors Time of day Dawn Night 3) Hard Weather Rainy Foggy Player Mode Single Player (Bots) Multiplayer story events
October 2012
Issues fixed! This is one of the best campaigns ever made! Congratulations!
'Expert This!' Escape through urban and rural areas whilst fighting swarms of undead on your way to a deserted old military outpost called 'E...
Author Valar/1SG_Heartless
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Night 4) Expert
May 2010
this campaign is epic, a great adventure in L4D2 world, deserves all the merit.
It's L4D1 port of Die Screaming campaign and Forage survival. Special thanks to Trunten for keeping this project alive, Ernst aka 'Doctor' Vie...
Author Soup Toaster, RabidMonkey, Gemini Saga
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D1 Survivors Night 2) Average
April 2011
This is a great port of a Left 4 Dead 1 campaign! This campaign meets the need to play Left 4 Dead 1 campaigns!
Dead Before Dawn is an add-on campaign with a custom story, visuals and home made music for the zombie shooting game Left 4 Dead. It is based ...
Author darth_brush
Game Left 4 Dead
Tags Map Dawn 3) Hard Rainy
October 2010
*** THIS IS THE BEST LEFT 4 DEAD 1 CAMPAIGN! *** Please convert to Left 4 Dead 2! :-))
New version with lots of Improvements. Will you be able to survive through the city, the campsites, the swamps and reach the island ? Plea...
Author Neojo
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Dusk 3) Hard
May 2010
excelent campaign!