These are not the droids you were looking for. P.S Twilight is best pony.
New by AveryChu
For the Trigger Happy Halo Fan-boy in life. This will remain BETA for now, due to the reloading animations. I myself have no experiences wi...
Author Splinks & Arby26
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Mod Weapons Miscellaneous Rifles Gaming ak47
December 2012
Great download for Halo fans like me, and suggest consider doing some other weapons such as the BR,Shotgun,Sniper,etc.
Update: New textures and put the 'beep' back in as a 'Clink' of glass to help locate bomb. This replaces the pipebomb with the T-virus Antivir...
Author Doktor Haus/Horrorfangirl/ZeqMacaw
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Mod Weapons Miscellaneous Throwing Gaming resident evil pipe bomb
December 2012
If your a resident evil fan it is worth the download.
The time has come for the apocalypse and this madness to come to an end, and lets topped it off with a tea-bagging from the legendary Master C...
Author Splinks
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Mod Miscellaneous Gaming Survivors Coach halo
January 2013
Awesome skin that is fun to use with other Halo mods.
11-26-12 Project has been abandoned for multiple reasons... I have explained it countless times... look through the comments if you must ask w...
Author insane3004 and Valve
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Night 3) Hard Weather pack dead center natural disasters
February 2013
Overall good map.
Claire Redfield from Darkside Chronicles replaces Rochelle New Features: - with vest **ADDED JIGGLE BONES ON:** +Pony Tail +Vest Collar +Side...
Author manix33
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Mod Survivors Rochelle resident evil
December 2012
-Another resident evil character to use when replacing l4d survivors with RE characters.
This is the Silent from Doctor Who to replace the Witch.
Author Rimmer-Gnome
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Mod Infected Witch
February 2013
Good mod for a doctor who fan.
A full 5-map campaign featuring random and player-caused map permutations, custom scripted events, custom materials and finale. After escapin...
Author Meowstopher
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Night Difficulty 3) Hard Player Mode Single Player Single Player (Bots) Multiplayer Multiplayer (Bots)
December 2012
Overall fun map worth downloading and you did a amazing job considering this is the first map you have made.
Updated lighting. Updated textures. Updated details. Updated mesh.
Author DeerHunter
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors Night 2) Average traps
March 2012
Fun and is a accurate remake, but could have a few things that you may want to change like door opening time.
The city is burning. As ash falls, the survivors attempt to flee to a small military airfield on the other side of the river. It's a straight ...
Author The Rabbit
Game Left 4 Dead 2
Tags Map L4D2 Survivors 2) Average
April 2013
Fantastic Campaign.