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Hi the name is Gigan. I am currently working on Vi for Rochelle and Beta Pack Updates. Feel free to send me a PM!
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Left 4 Dead 2 8 mods
Well this was a request but it is taking quite a bit to make. This is also for all of the League of Legends fans that like Vi(even thought I hate her guts). She is a popular champ and I feel like she should be added to this game!
A few years ago this was something that was supposed to and was also planned to come out. Due to a load of problems this was not able to be released, until now. Remember: The pack only works in Single Player! There is a few things you might want to know: - This is in Beta still. - Survivors FPS arms...
This mod is just a little something for the MVC3 players. I think its nice to hear a little awesome victory music now and then. This mod replaces the victory music when finishing a level in any campaign.
Because of issues with the animations in the original pack, I have made a vpk without the animations. Everything else is in this file. Make sure to read the change log for more details and important information. Thanks. Also, this can be used online!
Finally its here! The model is actually from Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 which is Zero's alternate costume. Anyways this mod was dedicated to my friend JCB3454. This mod has a FPS and Name change. Please read Change log for more details and new information. Thanks.
Well, it's been a while since this was being used. I do not take credit for the mods inside. This a new updated version of the Beta Pack that is also on GameMaps (L4Dmaps). I have added a few new mods (the ones that needed) and removed a few unnecessary mods from the previous version. Keep in mind: ...
Well scince 1337gamer made the mod itself, I decided to make the music part. With the help of cfl565656 I got the files of the music fixed :D. Anyways this replaces the Tank theme. NOTE: I recommend getting this only if you have Bon Bonne for the tank :p
With all the help I can get from 1337gamer, we could manage to make Teisel Bonne. I had the idea to ask to help make it for my brother since it is his favorite character in Megaman Legends. Anyways this mod has a FPS, icon, and name change. Please read the change log for more information on the mod....
February 2012
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