Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis


The appearance of the Super Nova of the Crab in the skies has awakened the light half of the force. Ten, descendant of the original Hero of Atlantis, holds within him the key to the mystery. He is bound on an adventure to Tibet, where he will gradually discover his destiny from a wizened old shaman. From quest to celestial journey, his path will be strewn with traps and enigmas that he must solve to re-establish the order and balance of the Universe set-up hundreds of years ago. If he fails then the dark half of the force will be triumphant and will bring back the times of chaos once again. Atlantis II plunges you into an adventure unlike any other. Discover beautiful settings, mysterious puzzles, unusual characters, and strange creatures.

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Atlantis 2 - Game Manual

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    Atlantis 2 - Game Manual

    The Game Guide for Atlantis 2. After the introductory sequence, Ten, the character you play, has no other choice but to finish his voyage towards the ship Atlante “located” in this mountain circus. You must go up onto the ship's bri...