No Zombie Car Damage

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No Zombie Car Dam...

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Version 0.1 Complete

  • Mod
    Powerhouse AND Reflexes Traits Mod

    Although there are already some mods around that let you have both the Natural Athlete and the Nimble Traits (the two talents that give you Powerhouse and Reflexes Skills respectively), these mods however, come with many other unwanted c...

  • Mod
    Shooting Allies

    -= NEW in Version 2.0 =- Improved HUD - Gun/Wrench Icons - See the screenshots 2 New Options Base control (Dot) - Green: No shots, Yellow: Watchtower only, Red: Fire at will Bodyguard - Flag: Stay close, Hand Up: Aggressive stance Thi...

  • Mod
    Brant's Military Surplus

    This mod allows all of the melee weapons and guns from the Breakdown and Lifeline DLCs to spawn in all three game modes, rather than just their own. They've all been added to the appropriate loot lists so they can be found in searchable ...

  • Mod
    HD Map and HD Minimap Mod

    MOD DETAILS This is a very simple mod. What it does, is to remove the grid effect and double poor texture resolution of both the Map and the Minimap, so you can finally enjoy a clean and beautiful HD version of map in the game. The co...

  • Mod
    No Special Zombies Story and Breakdown

    This mod removes special zombies for Story and Breakdown. Install: unzip and drop the Game folder of the option you want into your normal State of Decay folder, merge folders, all done.



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