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Version 1.0 Final


  • Mod

    Native Sound Fixes

    This is a user_script mod which fixes and adds several missing voice lines for the natives. Gungans: Restored chatter from SWBF1 (except for a few lines). Naboo & Palace Guards: Their hurt and death sounds now play for all Eras, instead...

  • File

    Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront II v1.3 Patch

    Overview: * Simple installation (can install to dedicated server too) * Works online in multiplayer * Compatable with the SWBF1 Conversion pack * Supports unlimited new eras (only 5 can be displayed per map) * Supports unlimited new...

  • Mod

    AI Hero Script

    This is a user_script mod that enables AI Heroes on all maps. AI Heroes aren't able to enter any vehicles or turrets. The script will not activate when playing Campaign, Galactic Conquest or on a map which already uses Archer01's AI Her...

  • Map

    Bespin : Cloud City

    This is a conversion of the classic map from the first STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT game. It has been edited to resemble the Bespin: Cloud City map included with the Xbox Live Expansion Pack/DLC.

  • File

    Star Wars Battlefront II Mod Tools (PC)

    This is a beta release of the Battlefront II mod tools. This release of the tools should give you everything you need to make mods for Star Wars Battlefront II, including the original assets that were used to make the game (minus sounds,...