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Naboo: Theed

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Version 1.0 Final


  • Mod

    AI Hero Script

    This is a user_script mod that enables AI Heroes on all maps. AI Heroes aren't able to enter any vehicles or turrets. The script will not activate when playing Campaign, Galactic Conquest or on a map which already uses Archer01's AI Her...

  • File

    Star Wars Battlefront II Mod Tools (PC)

    This is a beta release of the Battlefront II mod tools. This release of the tools should give you everything you need to make mods for Star Wars Battlefront II, including the original assets that were used to make the game (minus sounds,...

  • Map

    Hoth: Infiltration

    This is a conversion of the original Star Wars Battlefront Hoth level with extra content Background: The Republic has been sent on a covert operation to seek out and destroy a CIS stronghold on Hoth of the Anoat sector, a desolate worl...

  • Mod

    No Award Weapons

    This is a user_script mod which removes the ability to unlock the Award Weapons. Included Files: SIDE\NoAwardWeapons.lvl user_script_11.lvl user_script_12.lvl user_script_13.lvl user_script_14.lvl user_script_15.lvl user_script_16.lvl ...