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Naboo: Plains

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Version 1.0 Final


  • Mod

    Native Sound Fixes

    This is a user_script mod which fixes and adds several missing voice lines for the natives. Gungans: Restored chatter from SWBF1 (except for a few lines). Naboo & Palace Guards: Their hurt and death sounds now play for all Eras, instead...

  • Map

    Salucemi: Battleground

    As you should all know, (unless this is your first time instaling a mod) it's pretty simple] -unzip the file and place the ASK folder in your Addon folder in game data, if you don't have an addon folder, make one

  • Map

    Tatooine: Dune Sea

    A conversion of Tatooine Dune Sea from Star Wars Battlefront 1.

  • Mod

    AI Hero Support

    This mod changes the original packaged maps so that the AI will use the hero units for each team. Installation: Copy the "ZZZ" folder into the game's addon folder Usage: Run the game's original maps. <----!!!! Uninstallation: Remove t...

  • Map

    Rhen Var: Harbor

    The sister map to Rhen Var: Citadel. This map is a more vehicle-oriented battlefield with some infantry-only portions in an ice cave.