Half-Life 2 Bunnyhop and flying

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Half-Life 2 Bunny...

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Version 1.1 Complete


  • Mod

    Mad Max's Spotter

    This is a rather basic mod that replaces the buggy with the "Spotter" from the Mad Max game. I've also taken the liberty to modify the Gauss Rifle to it better resembles its viewmodel a bit. It contains a script that makes the car go ...

  • Mod

    Half-Life 2 teleport

    This mod add possibility havok was outside and player can teleport to place where he are located

  • Map


    Auezov map for walkthrough.

  • Mod

    TDA Hatsune Miku Append (v2) (Alyx)

    Replace Alyx(HL2,EP1,EP2) Models and Textures:CaptainBigButt Import Hl2 Bones:Xenecrite Animations:Valve Full Expressions:Flex Eyes and Mouth Jigglebones:Hairs,Breast,Clothes Support HL2 MMOD

  • Mod

    Colors for Half-Life 2

    <font color="#ff00ff"><b><i>Subtitles painted in pretty color. No need to install in the addons folder. Just put it in the game directory with replacement. For the Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish lang...



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