Half-Life 2 Bunnyhop and flying

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Half-Life 2 Bunny...

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Version 1.1 Complete

  • Mod
    Colors for Half-Life 2

    <font color="#ff00ff"><b><i>Subtitles painted in pretty color. No need to install in the addons folder. Just put it in the game directory with replacement. For the Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish lang...

  • Mod
    Mad Max's Spotter

    This is a rather basic mod that replaces the buggy with the "Spotter" from the Mad Max game. I've also taken the liberty to modify the Gauss Rifle to it better resembles its viewmodel a bit. It contains a script that makes the car go ...

  • Mod
    Citizens are combine

    Citizens and rebels are combine soldiers prisonguard. To install just put this vpk in folder Half-Life 2 / hl2 / custom. Enjoy.

  • Mod
    Two-handed Pistol

    It's generic Half-Life 2 Pistol but player holds it with both hands. Replaces the stock one. Only model is replaced, so it's compatible with retextures. Extract folder inside archive to Half-Life 2/hl2/custom/

  • Guide
    How fully remove fall damage

    Why damage is caused after a fall As you know, when jumping from a high place, but one that is located much lower, the player takes damage and the amount of health is reduced. If the height is too much, then as a result the character may...



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