Freeze Fix - Options.cfg

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  • Fix game freeze.
  • Increase max units.
  • Increase the resolution.
  • Change mini-map size.
  • Fix mission failed error.



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Version 1.0 Final

  • Map
    New_051 : Flaming Rings!

    This is the hard and nasty version of ring of fire. Precision and an active save game are likely to be needed. This is a very dry level, but valid in its own slow way. Flashy players should skip this one.

  • Map
    New_10 : The Nest

    The Series 9 has found a wild queen scorpion and intend to kill her. The evolved have raced a brood of scorpions to the area. Find and protect the queen, then take out the robot base with her children.

  • Map
    New_12 : Airborne Robotic Assault Squad

    The Sereies 9 have done some long distance forecasting and found that the mutants in this island chain will become very troublesome in the near future. Currently they are very disorganised but one tribe will soon unit them under a bann...

  • Map
    New_05 : Ring of Fire

    This is an assault on a heavily fortified robotic research facility. With no real production on either side, the survivors sizeable attacking army needs to be carefully used and placed. This mission will not be to everyone’s taste but ...

  • Map
    New_13 : Perfect General

    This level is designed to be too hard. If you can finish it without cheating drop us a line and we might try to make it harder. This is for the people that think the final against mutants is too easy and quick, both of you. Hey, that f...



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