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  • Send your units long distances easier.
  • Be more aware of your surroundings.
  • Zoom-in for up-close warfare.


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Core Mod (1.8.0) - 1 Min

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Version 1.8.0 Final


  • Mod

    Cheap Supply Cost

    Have you ever felt like there's not enough units on the battlefield? That there's not enough Supply Points to build an army? If so, then I have the solution! This mod makes all Units cost only 1 Supply Point. That means you can have m...

  • Mod

    Instant Reload

    Have you ever thought what it would be like if your troops could instantly reload their weapons? This mod has the answer! This mod makes all weapons reload instantly.

  • Mod


    ZoomCommand allows you to zoom-out 5.7x farther and zoom-in 3x closer! Get up close while battling bugs alive! Explore maps while paying attention to detail. Observe units and bases.

  • Mod

    No Ability Cooldown

    Have you ever wanted to spam your troops abilities without having to wait for them to cooldown? If so, this is the mod for you! This mod makes all units abilities have zero cooldown.



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