• Everlasting Corpses
  • Friendly Fire : Enabled
  • Medical Engineers
  • Night-Time Only
  • Launcher - Night Battle Theme
  • Cheap Supply Cost
  • Nonsolid Props
  • No Ability Cooldown
  • Free Supply Cost
  • Starship Troopers Manual EBOOK
  • ZoomCommand
  • Instant Reload

Download 12 items for Starship Troopers: Terran Command.

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    Starship Troopers Manual EBOOK

    This is the official manual ebook for Starship Troopers : Terran Command. Includes a printer friendly version. CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 4 1.1. System Requirements 4 1.2 Installation 5 1.3 Steam 5 1.4. Uninstalling the game...

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    Nonsolid Props

    Ever wanted to walk through vehicles or just go out of bounds? Then this is the mod for you! This mod makes many props nonsolid, allowing units to go inside buildings or walk out-of-bounds.

  • Mod

    Instant Reload

    Have you ever thought what it would be like if your troops could instantly reload their weapons? This mod has the answer! This mod makes all weapons reload instantly.

  • Mod

    Medical Engineers

    This mod upgrades your Engineers to Medical Engineers! Medical Engineers - Task your Medical Engineers to heal light infantry. - Medical Engineers will continuously follow and heal assigned units. - Medical Engineers can't u...

  • Mod

    Friendly Fire : Enabled

    It's time to remove your training wheels and take things a little more seriously. The days of dodging bullets have come to an end. Watch your positions and work as a team, and maybe, just maybe you'll survive this bug infested planet. ...

  • Mod

    Night-Time Only

    When your constantly attacked by bugs of all kinds, traveling at night can be a dangerous affair. This mod will make the entire game run in night-mode.

  • Mod

    Free Supply Cost

    Do you still feel like there's not enough friendly units on the battlefield? That there's still not enough Supply Points to build an army? If so, then I have the best solution! This mod makes all Units free! That's right, you read tha...

  • Mod

    Cheap Supply Cost

    Have you ever felt like there's not enough units on the battlefield? That there's not enough Supply Points to build an army? If so, then I have the solution! This mod makes all Units cost only 1 Supply Point. That means you can have m...

  • Mod

    Everlasting Corpses

    Tired of watching bugs mysteriously sink into the earth right after death? Introducing Everlasting Corpses! This mod enhances the realism by letting those bug corpses rot on the screen forever!

  • Mod

    No Ability Cooldown

    Have you ever wanted to spam your troops abilities without having to wait for them to cooldown? If so, this is the mod for you! This mod makes all units abilities have zero cooldown.

  • Mod


    ZoomCommand allows you to zoom-out 5.7x farther and zoom-in 3x closer! Get up close while battling bugs alive! Explore maps while paying attention to detail. Observe units and bases.

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