FarCry 2


A civil war has swept through the country and you're caught in the middle of it. Track down the person at the forefront of the fighting, a ruthless arms dealer known only as "The Jackal". As you undertake deadly missions and form fragile alliances with conflicting rebel groups, one thing becomes clear - the Jackal is hunting you too.

ESRB Rating: M

Last Updated:
  • de_dust2 remake
  • Merc Isle
  • Island of Insanity
  • dm_train_station3
  • Flood
  • Camp Yard
  • The Kalele Conflict - The Battle of Rushuru
  • 2 Forts
  • Prison Yard


  • Map

    Merc Isle

    The Mercenary base you came from after training for years with the most advanced combat techniques to eliminate the Jackal on your mission in Africa is now under a surprise attack by the APR forces, they have blown up the bridge bonding ...

  • Map

    Camp Yard


    Camping Haven, WIP. In the next update all the buildings will be accessible. The Ammo boxes will be moved i think

  • Map


    The weather is bad, too much rain. And the nearby river has flood the town. I made it 1 year ago so not really can\want edit it or st.

  • Map

    2 Forts

    Two castle and a jungle with a little abandoned village :). I made it 1 year ago so not really can\want edit it or st.

  • Map

    de_dust2 remake

    Ive tried to make the exact copy of the CS:S version of the map. Altough it wasnt really succsesfull. Its smaller than the original. Why? Couse u cant run as fast in FC2 as u can run in CS. U can feel free t edit it and upload again just...

  • Map

    The Kalele Conflict - The Battle of Rushuru

    Rushuru is the former administrative capital of the eastern mining province of Kalele. Located downriver from the Great Lakes, it profited from the river trade during colonial times. Post-independence, Rushuru was degraded to territorial...

    Interahamwe Interahamwe

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