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  • Mediocre at best

    ** PROS **
    1) Great environment.
    2) Love playing at any time other that night.
    3) Good amount of supplies.
    4) Long campaign.
    ** CONS **
    1) AI navigation was at most times buggy and horrible.
    2) Last level's turret is pretty much useless.
    3) Last level can be designed much better.
    4) The start of the second level is an overkill for no reason at all.
    Overall Grade: C
    It's a fun campaign, but not a balanced one. It's either too easy, or too hard, black and white, not something between (applies for both co-op and solo). I hate it when maps don't have good AI movement, but I guess that's Valve's responsibility as well, as in my opinion, L4D's AI is horrible in general. Good map, needs improvements.

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