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  • Mod
    Zero's TRS Bill

    Like the old Bill but can't get your hands on him? Try out this baby! Got him straight from the TRS archive I was given access to. He's got perfect uncompressed textures! Zero's fall has started.

  • Mod
    Turtle Rock Studio's Louis (2007)

    This is Louis straight from 2007! Sent to me from TRS themselves. Everyone knows Theuaredead' is utter garbage of a human being. I will dominate the entire "beta" community by releasing all of Zero's "content". I fixed a few bugs with hi...

  • Mod
    Leaked TRS Francis

    I'm here to ruin Zero for good. Here's TRS Francis for you all! I'm going to dominate the "beta" once and for all. Using all uncompressed textures straight from TRS, here he is in all his glory! Get him while he lasts folks! Theuaredead'...


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