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mods mods mods, I want more mods like crazy.

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    Kokoro Succubus Dead or Alive 5
    Beta N/A

    Kokoro Succubus Dead or Alive 5, only in third person, I did not find animation errors but if there are any, report them in the comments, enjoy the mod and have fun, change in the future for now it is a beta version.

  • Mod
    Marie Rose Cat Pink
    Beta N/A

    Marie rose cat pink, replaces zoey only in third person for now. more changes and improvements soon. all animations work fine.

  • Mod
    Items RGB bright

    RGB utility items, medkit, pain pills, molotov, pipe boomb, medical cabinet. the mod is complete so there will be no update for now.

  • Mod
    Beta N/A

    M16 rgb rifle, beta mod in order to animate the weapons a bit. contains some bugs that are not serious but will be fixed over time. enjoy it.

  • Mod
    Mac-10 RGB
    Beta N/A

    Mac-10 RGB edited by me, all you have to do is put the vpk file in the addons folder. search on youtube how to install mods without editing pack_01 if you don't know how to install mods for the game.

  • Mod
    Retrowave Autoshotgun

    skin brillante para el autoshotgun sacado de la workshop de steam, nada mas me tomé el trabajo de modificar una cosa no soy el dueño del mod espero que lo disfruten.


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