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  • Mod
    Counter-Strike Weapons

    The animations are originally from L4D2. Scout, Awp and MP5, it does not include hand animations for when you're reaching for things. Credits: Valve L4D2 - Models & Original Textures, Animations TLS Team - Animations Leviatán - Port A...

  • Mod
    Overly Cool Animation - P90 (Rifle and Smg)

    The animations are originally from L4D2. Credits: IIopn - Animation, Compile FIX Korea - Model,Textures; firing sounds Rex - Model Port to L4d2 Navaro - Sounds Leviatan - Port Animation L4D1, Compile Joshe Gatito(Aya Supay) - Retarget...

  • Mod
    Chainsaw Melee L4D1

    DESCRIPCIÓN At this particular moment in time I don't believe I have a healthier or more deeply-felt respect for any object in the universe than this here melee l4d1. This replaces and add melee to l4d1. Do enjoy. Thanks Joshe Gatito ...

  • Mod
    Louis El Mecánico

    This model has been done by Sergi338. I take no credit for the model,I only made to L4D1. Read the changelog for installing this mod Includes legs, first person arms. All animation swaps work online. Credits: Tenyon: Ryan models and t...


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