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  • 20 Maps
    Super Tank Run

    4 campaigns in tank run mode (Works best on servers with multi tank plugin) No mercy Dead Air Blood Harvest Death Toll

  • 5 Maps
    DARK CARNIVAL (L4D1) fully compatible

    Dark Carnival for Left 4 dead 1. fully compatible, ready to play If you have the "stripper" plugin, you can make this campaign super Hardcore using the following command in your "global_filters.cfg". ________ filter: { "targetnam...

  • 4 Maps
    DEAD CENTER (L4D1) fully compatible

    Dead Center for Left 4 dead 1. (But much harder than the original) Note: This map contains a lot of tanks, but if you have the "No Mercy apocalypze" addon, the tanks won't appear. Why? The map "no mercy apocalypze" contains a scr...

  • 3 Maps
    Veteran Mode: The sacrifice

    A veteran version of the original map. With more witches, Zombies and Tanks. Just for veteran players. First version. Some maps create some scripts conflicts with this map. This conflicts are: Tanks do not spawn sometimes. Smokers, Hunt...


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