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The best maps, in my opinion, are maps based on what people had a fear of or still have a fear of.

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    +GREAT detail
    +Awesome, unique intro
    +Great Panic Events
    +Great finale
    +Good path layout


    -The windows on the security booth on the first map before you enter the storage room from the loading docks, turns checkered if you shoot them


    Great map! So fun to play! You are either a really good mapper, or you are secretly a valve member XD

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    Hope No More (Demo)
    Alpha N/A

    As their humvee can't go any further, the survivors will have to travel by foot to their location, the Military Base, which is known to be one of the last operating safe zones across the United States! *Only a demo!*

  • Map
    Ottoman's Survival Pack
    Beta N/A

    Due to this dumb website, all my maps were wiped out of my account, so i would like to say thank you to whoever owns this website for making me extremely angry! Anyway, have fun in a huge survival map map I have created with my own skil...


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