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    AI is very stupid.
    No idea where I am going.
    Missing textures on ladders and railings.


    Add spawn guns and HP packs, delete the ones later in the level. I had to turn on cheats playing on anything above easy because by the time you GET to the hp and weapons, you´re dead if you play single player. Also, disable the tank spawn IN THE HP ROOM. I finally got to the HP, and a tank is standing on it -.-    The witch was interesting, but there is no reason to spawn 4 of them during the campaign. Especially not in the doorways where I stumble into one and instantly die. And disable the double tank part or give the assault rifles THEN. Killing 2 tanks with an UZI is stupid hard. Other than that was really fun and interesting, although a little direction during the campaign would be good. I would say change this to a beta. Because as of now, it´s about beta-quality, and I know you can do better than that.

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